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Best work and study programmes for your career abroad.

Best work and study programmes for your career abroad.

Italy is truly a magical country, what with its world famous food, amazing history, and incredible sights, meaning it is no surprise that it is one of the world's top study abroad locations in addition to one of Europe's top tourist destinations. As a university student or recent graduate, Italy offers up all sorts of opportunities for fun, adventure and expanding one's horizons, while also being an excellent place to build up contacts and further your budding career. With that in mind, here are some of the top options for working and studying abroad in Italy. Here below a short list of opportunities according to The Language Class.

1. Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

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For citizens of the European Union, the Erasmus+ student exchange program is without a doubt your easiest and best option for studying in Italy. This incredibly popular exchange program allows hundreds of thousands of EU students the opportunity to live and study abroad for anywhere between three months and a year. With nearly 5% of all EU students now taking part in the program, it's obviously a great choice. All it takes is talking to your home university to see which Italian universities they have a partnership with and then getting started on the application process.

2. Erasmus+ Internship Program

Similar to the study abroad program, Erasmus also offers EU students the opportunity to find internships abroad, whether in Italy or another EU country, for a period of two months and one academic year. Interested students can view available internship positions and apply online, simplifying the process and making it easier than ever to gain valuable work experience abroad.

3. Teach English in Italy with a TEFL/TESOL Certification

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Another excellent working opportunity in Italy is English teaching. There are thousands of available teaching jobs for native English speakers all across the country, but in order to qualify, it's first necessary to obtain a TEFL or TESOL certification. Certification courses generally run for around a month, during which time you'll get to experience and become accustomed to living in Italy before you embark on your teaching adventure. There is no shortage of certification courses offered in various major Italian cities, and many of the best courses also provide their student's with valuable advice and assistance in finding jobs, apartments, etc.

4. Volunteer in Italy

As a fairly affluent, modern country, volunteer opportunities in Italy are obviously not nearly as numerous as in less developed parts of the world. Nonetheless, there are still quite a few different programs that can allow you to experience the country, it's delicious food and fascinating culture firsthand, all while doing something worthwhile and giving back to the local community. The majority of volunteer opportunities are in education, agriculture, and conservation, all of which can offer an incredibly rewarding experience to the right person. With a wide variety of different programs to choose from, some of which provide the unique opportunity of living and working alongside an Italian family, volunteering in Italy is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.



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19 June 2021
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