How To Find An Internship In Budapest

Traditionally, Budapest is associated with Dracula, bachelor parties and American exchange students. Although some of that stereotype is true, Budapest is unlike any other city in Europe. It was established by the Huns, conquered by the Turks, Austrians and the Soviets and survived to become a city that captures the whole of Eurasia in its horizon. Nowadays, its patriotic citizens are eager to share their rich culture of flavorful pork-heavy...

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Work Abroad in Budapest - WWF Conservation and Project Manager

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature is an internationally respected organization that is also the world’s largest conservation organization. With offices in more than 80 countries, a full time staff of 6,200 but with the support of more than 5 million, the WWF focuses on working to foster and preserve the natural diversity of environment and wildlife all over our fantastic planet, while attempting to diminish mankind’s destructive impacts. Th...

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