Infographic: Internships - The Road to Employment

With one of the highest rates of unemployment for young adults aged 20-24 at 11.1 percent, university students and recent graduates are searching for a way to move beyond this dismal statistic. Enter internships. Internships have a demonstrably important role in securing gainful employment with 63.1 percent of paid interns presented with a job opportunity after graduation and 37 percent of unpaid interns offered a permanent position in 2013. Both of these statistics are still higher than those who have never had an internship with an employment rate of 35.2 percent. Students who were paid also received a higher starting salary with an average of $51,930. 

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Internships in Honolulu, Hawaii

Sitting on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian islands, Honolulu is the capital of America's 50th state. For the winter weary, this place is the stuff of dreams, with lush tropical foliage, divine beaches, and year round warm weather serving as a convenient reality for those who call this magnificent metropolis home. With its location on the doorstep of the many islands that comprise Oceania, its relative proximity to Asia, and its tropical a...

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Internships in Orange County, California

Located within the Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County is one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in America, owing to its proximity to California's entertainment and oil industry, its enviable weather, and favorable laws that attract households of prosperous means. With over three million people within its borders, this territory has more citizens than almost half the states in the Union, despite only covering 948 square miles in Southern Califo...

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Internships in New Orleans

Held at different points in its history by the Spanish and French, New Orleans possesses the most eclectic culture of any major city in the country.  Its heritage has influenced its architecture, cuisine and traditions, making it a top tourist destination for foreign and domestic travelers alike. While New Orleans is an amazing place to visit, it is also an excellent place for students and recent graduates to get an internship as well. ...

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Internships in Fresno

With just over a million people in its metropolitan area, Fresno is the largest city in the Inland Empire of California, and is the fifth largest in the state. Located between the Southern Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California, this city is in the midst of some of America's most productive farmland, and is known in agricultural circles as the biggest producer of raisins (dried grapes) in the nation. Nearly every f...

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From Hamburg to Munich: Intern Abroad in Germany

Germany is an ideal place to snag an internship abroad. From Hamburg to Munich, opportunities to gain valuable work experience and marketable international exposure are available throughout. Several of the world’s largest companies are headquartered in cities across the country.  Not only is Germany one of the most politically powerful nations in Europe, it’s also the most populated within the European Union. With a healthy, leading eco...

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Internships in Orlando, Florida

Located within the heart of Central Florida, Orlando is at the center of this state's tourism industry.  While many would think that the paradise beaches of the Gulf Coast, or the brash and bold urban panache of Miami's South Beach would be the top draw of visits to the Sunshine State, it is this interior city that attracts throngs of families each year to its vast array of amusement parks.  From the moment Walt Disney made the fateful ...

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Graphic Design Internship with National Geographic

The internationally renowned publication National Geographic is based in Washington D.C. and is known for employing only the best photographers, writers, artists and specialists as a part of their elite team. If your dream were to be a member of the National Geographic, the first step to achieving this goal would be to get your foot in the door as an intern! National Geographic is currently on the lookout for applicants for their Spring 2015 Grap...

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Internship with National Geographic: Maps

Based in Washington D.C., National Geographic Magazine is searching for an applicant with an interest in map production. Interns will collaborate with the graphic editors in developing and producing maps and informational graphics for both digital and print.     Responsibilities As an intern in the maps department, some of the responsibilities that will be expected of you in this position include creating maps based on informationa...

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Internships in Baltimore, Maryland

Being one of the larger urban areas in the massive population corridor stretching from Washington DC to New York City, Baltimore is a city that is in a bit of a sweet spot in the region. Urban gentrification has made this city more desirable in recent decades, while prices here remain sharply lower than compared to what is found in NYC, Philly, or inside the Beltway of DC. Its location relative to the American Midwest and existing logistics ...

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