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Work Abroad in Budapest - WWF Conservation and Project Manager

Work Abroad in Budapest - WWF Conservation and Project Manager

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature is an internationally respected organization that is also the world’s largest conservation organization. With offices in more than 80 countries, a full time staff of 6,200 but with the support of more than 5 million, the WWF focuses on working to foster and preserve the natural diversity of environment and wildlife all over our fantastic planet, while attempting to diminish mankind’s destructive impacts.

The WWF team in Hungary endeavors to provide high standards of complex conservation efforts and is on the prowl for a leader who can lead a team of eager and competent conservationists. This full-time management position is available immediately- are you the person for the job? 


What Are the Responsibilities ?

As a conservation leader, you will be expected to fulfill duties including strategic and annual planning of future conservation projects and plans. This includes a three-year strategy for implementing your design and solidifying any essential resources needed to help your plan succeed. Your blueprint for the organization should be able to identify potential sources of funds, generate an outline of the structure for your team and include any other components that are necessary for your strategy to succeed.




In order to endorse the execution of your plan, you will be expected to monitor the team’s performance in accordance with your design, have the ability to adapt to any incongruences, miscalculations or faults in your proposal, establish an efficient system for work to be executed in a uniform method and to ensure the indispensable M&E and reporting systems for monitoring the quality and systematic implantation throughout your department. 

As well as your major responsibility of designing a strategy for your conservation team, you will also be expected to manage other projects such as the LIFE+communication project, leading fundraising efforts, supervising that your staff are meeting the expectations set for them and maintaining a knowledgeable presence so as to be able to lead and make decisions regarding policy issues and involvement and actions of the organization in national campaigns and conferences.


What Are the Qualifications ? 


Applicants should posses an undergraduate degree, and have ten years of experience, or a Master’s degree with eight years of experience in the field of biology, ecology or any other equivalent field relating to natural sciences. Five years of experience with strategic long-term planning, project management, leadership, fundraising, budgeting, human resource management and an understanding of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development issues, especially in Hungary. Experience and knowledge with Natura 2000 issues and the forestry sector is a required element of one’s expected project management skills. 

Without question, proficient Hungarian and English language skills are required, as well as the ability to cooperate and work with international co-workers in a diplomatic and respectful fashion. Being able to successfully lead your team with supreme analytical and strategic planning skills, create systems for planning and monitoring the implantation of plans and the capacity to prioritize work amongst a steady and potentially overwhelming workload are all expected assets for the future Conservation and Project Manager for the Hungary office.


What Benefits Can I Earn ?

This employment opportunity is one of a kind and will allow you the chance to challenge yourself to grow and develop in the Hungarian conservation field while working on important life-changing projects alongside friendly and professional multicultural staff. You will also receive a salary according to NGO standards. 


How Can I Apply ?

If you believe that this is a position that was created just for you, that you are a qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic team leader and you are prepared to embark on the rewarding journey of leading a conservation team then send your cover letter and CV in English to no later than 4:00 PM on November 7, 2014 CET.



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12 August 2020
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