How to Find an Internship in Brussels

Brussels, the seat of the European Union, is a major political capital in the world. Thousands of civil servants are stationed here for the EU and the NATO, meaning it is a great learning environment for aspiring political science talents. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to intern at numerous institutions, making Brussels one of the largest intern or ‘stagiaire’ communities in Europe.  The city has other charms though. It trul...

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How To Find An Internship In Budapest

Traditionally, Budapest is associated with Dracula, bachelor parties and American exchange students. Although some of that stereotype is true, Budapest is unlike any other city in Europe. It was established by the Huns, conquered by the Turks, Austrians and the Soviets and survived to become a city that captures the whole of Eurasia in its horizon. Nowadays, its patriotic citizens are eager to share their rich culture of flavorful pork-heavy...

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How To Find An Internship In Berlin

Let me guess, you stopped over in Berlin for a concert and you don’t want to leave? You already picked out your favorite cafés and where to spend Friday nights? For some strange reason, this graffiti-ridden town of concrete and techno beats has captured your heart. I don’t blame you. It has my heart too, along with millions of other foreigners.     Berlin is possibly the friendliest European city for foreign workers, due to its rel...

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How to Work and Travel in Europe

Do you find yourself scrap-booking pages of the National Geographic, wishing you were a part of the La Tomatina festival in Spain or perhaps Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love? You’re clearly infected with the travel bug and suffering hallucinations of moving to Europe to soak in a culture that’s highly glamorized by Hollywood.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a textbook on moving abroad. However, as someone who worked and lived in Europe and Asia, I...

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