Teach English in Georgia

Job Description

This is a volunteer program, however we expect participants to treat post like a job and take it seriously. Volunteers with this program should maintain a positive attitude and be flexible and punctual. We expect our volunteers to meet the rules and standards set forth by the school and program by being responsible.

Academic Responsibilities: Volunteers will co-teach at school for a maximum of 30 hours each week with up to three local English instructors. This will also include the time for lesson planning. Schedules are set by the principal of the school since there will be only one volunteer in each school. We are looking for volunteers interested in creating engaging activities that are focused on speaking and listening skills. You may even have the opportunity to organize and plan extracurricular activities based on the needs of the school and your own interests.

Non-Academic Responsibilities: Volunteers reside in a homestay and will be required to give their host families three hours of English classes every week. You will be integrated with the local community as you participate in cultural exchange excursions.

Job Function



Teach and Learn with Georgia offers the following benefits to TLG Volunteers:

Monthly Stipend of Georgian Lari*
FREE Round-trip Ticket to and from Georgia
FREE Vacation Round-trip Ticket in between the Two Consecutive Semesters
FREE Medical Insurance
Housing and Living Accommodations
Mobile Phone on the TLG Corporate Network
24/7 Support from the TLG Staff
Orientation Training Upon Arrival
Further, upon successful completion of the contract, each Volunteer receives a letter of recommendation from TLG and a certificate signed by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia as well as the Georgia’s Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, signifying his or her dedication to the program.

*The monthly stipend is 750 GEL. After taxes, the net amount directly deposited into the volunteers’ personal bank account amounts to 600 GEL. From this stipend, the volunteers give their host families 200 GEL each month to cover basic costs that are incurred when hosting a volunteer such as food and utilities. Those volunteers who do not live with host families (rent, etc.) will receive a monthly stipend of 625 GEL. After taxes, 500 GEL.

Desired Skills and Experience

The minimum requirements for being accepted as a Volunteer into Teach and Learn with Georgia are as follows:

Native speaker of English language
Two years of post-secondary education
Clean nationwide Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Medical test clearance
Flexibility, an open-mind, and a willingness to make a difference!

Job Location

Tbilisi, Georgia


Job Details

Teach and Learn with Georgia
  • Georgia: Tbilisi
Employment type:
American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide
Not Applicable
Education Management
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