Working Abroad in Portugal

The mention of Portugal will elicit images of bathing bronzed bodies, succulent cuisine and vibrant and colourful culture, but what would it take to survive there? Unless you've been saving up money for your Portugal tour, you’re going to be on the look out for a source of income while abroad. There are a few approaches that can be adopted when one is trying to secure a sustainable living situation in Portugal, but one of the first filters t...
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Teaching English in Lovely Laos

The backpacker routes of South-East Asia tend to wind through the three major countries of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, but right there in the middle is the underrated paradise of Laos. Without a border on the ocean, less traffic makes their way through the mountainous country (no islands? What?), and a significantly lower population than its neighbors (just under 7 million) means there aren’t very many cities or large towns. The laid-back me...
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Problems you can meet when teaching in Thailand

I’m perhaps one of the biggest proponents of traveling to Thailand you’ll ever meet, and the author of Top 10 Reasons To Love Thailand, but sometimes traveling to a country allows for a different perspective than living and working there. My time as a teacher in Thailand was special, and I will forever hold it dear in my heart. But teaching abroad requires an open mind, for one is working under the rules of an entirely different system. This mean...
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