How to Study Free in EU? A Dream or Reality?

Getting a quality education is costly, and the fees just seem to keep rising. And besides that, you also need to pay for housing and food. While scholarships might help a little bit, you will likely need to get a job while attending a university which can be tricky. So in the end, so many gifted young people simply give up on pursuing their dreams because they are not wealthy enough to pay for both tuition and housing.

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How to Crowd Fund Your Overseas Education?

Studying abroad is an ambition many students have. Changing places to study teaches you more than just academics. It introduces to a whole new world of culture, traditions, rules, etc. To study abroad, you have to jump off of your comfort zone and venture into a completely alien territory. If you think about it -- oversees education is kind of like an adventure. But this adventure is costly. Not many students can afford the cost involved in studying abroad. From the tuition fee to the daily living expenses, it requires a lot of money to sustain in a different country. Due to the financial constraints, a lot of these adventure dreams are cast off.

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The definitive guide to studying abroad in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is really two cities for the price of one. Its 'Old Town' speaks of its ancient heritage, represented by a medieval castle set against the craggy outcrop of 'Arthur's Seat'. The neoclassical 'New Town', with its broad cobbled streets and handsome Georgian houses, invites you to stroll and appreciate the city's architecture and stunning na...
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