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Schiller International University
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Getting a higher education is one thing. But traveling throughout Europe’s historic cities, learning about France, Germany, and Spain and their culture while getting higher education – that’s a different educational experience altogether.

That’s why Schiller International University is proud to be located in the heart of ‘old’ Europe. Paris, the economic, commercial, and financial capital of France, prominent place of the fashion and luxury. Heidelberg, one of Germany’s most beautiful and beloved cities that’s long been a center of university education. Madrid, city with enormous charm, leading European museums, active sport life, and vibrant nightlife.

While there, you can choose from programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, all while taking advantage of the unique benefits that come with an American education. Schiller International University emphasizes a diverse range of coursework to meet your specific goals, ranging from social sciences to business to liberal arts, and it does so at a pace that allows you to experience all Europe has to offer.

Schiller is your ticket to experiencing Europe the way it was meant to be experienced! Not only will you get an education through the European Studies Program, but you’ll get to check out the culture and history that make studying abroad such a unique adventure.
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