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e are passionate about ideas and and about putting them into action. We are crazy about creativity and we get our hands dirty. We innovate and make things happen

What puts a sparkle in our eyes is to bring to the classroom a glimpse of the world we would like to live in: a diverse place, where we are continously learning through debate and less impositions, where we make real connections.

Not only do we teach, but we also build and create knowledge collectively

There is no space for prejudice here: we are committed to cultural diversity. WE PROVE EVERYDAY THAT THE WORLD IS A MUCH BIGGER PLACE THAN YOU EVEN DARE TO THINK OF. And we go beyond: we care about your learning experience and want to stir up your curiosity about the world.

We believe in transparent relationships with no small print. We go the extra mile to be a humanized organization that really cares about you, your time and your daily routine.

WE THINKK BIG, WE THINK GLOBAL. For this reason we strive for the democratization and access to education. Idealists and overtly ambicious? YES, but with a true sense of quality and repect towards our students.
We want to change our society. But, more than anything, we want everyone to be part of this change and we want it to be for you too.
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