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Kenosis Foundation (KF) was registered on 29 June 2013 (registration number # 166/2013-2014) as a Not-for-Profit organization with a vision to bridge gap in society by health and community development projects. We are based in Bangalore city, Karnataka State, south part of India. We work with women and children in the rural poverty stricken area. We focus in the rural districts of Karnataka and Tamilnadu state. Our focus is to educate, empower and enable underprivileged and downtrodden rural communities to help and support through health, education, employment, and livelihood projects in India. Our primary beneficiaries are women, who are single, widows, abused, living with many children and orphans to create lasting impact among them.

We welcome individuals, groups, agencies, and other networking partners to support our cause as volunteers or adopt a project or girl children to support voluntarily to teach,educate and and financial contributions.

India is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking a truly unique and new experience. India has it all on offer - from some of the world's most impressive natural biodiversity to its bustling and productive cities. Kenosis programs in India offer something for every curious traveler, with the opportunity to give back to India's under-served populations.
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