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At the Autonomous University in Madrid you have the best of both worlds: you can take courses that were especially designed for incoming international students, (i.e. the Intensive Spanish Language courses, Spanish for medical professions, Spanish culture & civilization courses) and you can direct enroll in a vast number of undergraduate courses offered at the UAM. You can choose to live in a Spanish university dormitory or share an apartment with local students. We can also assist you in finding a homestay. The beautiful, green and open campus of the UAM is only a short commuter train-ride away from the heart of Madrid (Sol). As a student at the UAM you will have access to libraries, sports facilities, subsidized cafeterias as well as all academic and non-academic special events such as the UAM concert series or a special guest lecture by Philippe Byosiere.

The DiLe is a diploma of Spanish Language, Culture and Civilization, and is comprised of an obligatory course on Spanish oral and written communication and 3 elective courses on Spanish literature, culture, politics and history. Students may also choose to take one to two courses instead thru direct enrolment at UAM. The program yields 30 credits (ECTS) per semester.

Madrid is a vibrant, multicultural city of more than 3.2 million residents. It has over 200,000 students, making it an exciting and friendly place with a wealth of intellectual and cultural offers. Thanks to its central location, Madrid is also extremely well connected facilitating travel to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula as well as popular European destinations. As the capital of Spain, it is an important political, economic, and cultural hub, and is home to several museums, theatres, and an active nightlife. Madrile├▒os are proud of their cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle that harmoniously coexists with a strong Spanish identity, thus Madrid is the perfect location to learn and live the Spanish language and culture while getting a taste of a hip, modern and young European city.
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