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Hudson Group
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Company (0-10 employees)
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Hudson Group is a licensed language school based out of Moscow, Russia founded in 2014. We are dedicated to creating an environment where both students and teachers can grow and advance in various aspects of life. Anyone can teach just as we believe anyone can learn. Hudson Group challenges the traditional methods of language teaching and embraces unconventional yet effective language learning methods. We recognize that our teachers bring their own gifts and talents and we encourage them to share and continue developing those skills in their teaching. We accomplish this by taking each teacher’s strengths into account when matching him or her with students.
Hudson Group was founded by two professional linguists. Both families speak multiple languages at home and their kids had learned to speak them all with relative ease while other parents seem to constantly be at battle with their children’s second language learning efforts. So, having noticed much inefficiency in the traditional way of second language acquisition, especially among children, Hudson Group was founded with the aim to ease the process for parents and expound the involvement of native English speakers.
Language is most effectively learned outside a classroom in a natural, stress-free environment while experiencing the world around us. We invite teachers to work one-on-one or in small groups so that teachers can focus on language relevant to the student(s), which helps engage students and thereby increases the effectiveness of language learning. Our teachers work with students of various ages from children to adults even at the age of two and three when the peak of a child's aptitude for language acquisition is highest.
Hudson Group embraces diversity. Our teachers and students come from different backgrounds with experience in various areas and of different ages. Diversity is one of our strengths and we continue to see its benefits to our other teachers, students and the community. Our teachers leave Hudson Group having had a unique Russian experience with respect for differences in cultures other than their own and broader world view.
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