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Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation
Institution Type:
Company (11-100 employees)
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Institution description:
Archipelagos, Institute of Marine & Environmental Research of the Aegean, is a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organization, active since 1998 in various regions of the Greek seas (Ionian Sea, Central Aegean Sea, Libyan Sea, East Sea, etc). Since 2000, the Archipelago maintains major research bases in Samos and research stations in six other islands in the eastern Aegean. The Organisation scope covers all the Greek seas. Scientific research includes the areas of the marine environment (ecology of marine ecosystems, fisheries, marine mammal populations, pharmacology marine organisms) and terrestrial environment (flora and fauna inventory).
Partners of the Archipelago are universities, research institutions and NGOs from different countries of Europe, the Mediterranean and the US, which support research and environmental protection activities, with specialization and expertise, while helping to disseminate the results.
The protection strategies and campaigns Archipelago based on independent research carried out by staff and volunteers. The actions of the Archipelago regarding the total protection of ecosystems rather than individual species. Research and conservation work carried out in cooperation with local communities. The involvement of local communities is a very important tool in the success of conservation actions. Even more important tool for the Archipelago is the dissemination of environmental information to the public through posters, leaflets, lectures and presentations. The actions of the archipelago conducted by staff and volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to protect the environment in the Aegean region, the development of environmental awareness and promoting technical sustainable development in local communities, nationally and internationally level.
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