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Capital Mandarin School has been established in May 2006. Its spark of foundation was the realization that a lot of foreigners were uncomfortable navigating their Chinese working environment. As a Chinese teacher, Ma Laoshi realised that facilitating positive experiences for language learning is crucial to make language students enjoy their experience. After unsuccessfully searching for a Chinese language School for some of her foreign friends, she decided to found a School to put her principles into action; Capital Mandarin School was born.

After its foundation, Capital Mandarin School was mainly focused on alleviating communication problems between colleagues at work. After some time however, satisfied customers began asking whether it would be possible to send their Children to Capital Mandarin, or even to make friends’ visits more enjoyable by teaching them the basics of spoken Chinese in the shortest of times. This is why, after a short student drought, Capital Mandarin School also expanded its teaching orientation towards abroad based students who would like to fully immerse themselves into Beijing culture and language at the same time. Increasing student numbers made it clear that the interest in China was rising rapidly. Chinese language beyond its application as a communication tool became a more and more urgent need. Along with this interest, students, parents and seniors began to wish for a less stressful environment than the crowded and bustling City Center of Beijing. Nowadays Capital Mandarin School is located in the Gaobeidian area where learning and accommodation are intertwined to the fullest. Capital Mandarin: ‘Teaching Mandarin, It’s our passion!’
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