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Save Cambodian Marine Life
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Company (0-10 employees)
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Save Cambodian Marine Life is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Cambodia that has started to help protect the local reefs surrounding Koh Rong Samloem. We intend to create awareness not only among the local people of Cambodia but also across national borders through our volunteer program. We are an international team of 3-5 people, with experience in diving, well trained in marine conservation, management and ecology. When you come to us as a volunteer you will learn, experience and work in different areas of marine conservation and learn how to scuba dive and gaining PADI qualifications. Longer term volunteers can specialise in eco diver training and learn the worldwide standard of reef surveying methodology through Reef Check. Once you are a trained diver you will start to take part in our variety of marine conservation programs. A key marine life survey is our seahorse survey which is conducted at a local site. You will also take part in marine reef surveys looking at different fish species, invertebrates and substrates. The collected data is fed into the global reef check data base as well as provided to the Cambodian Government, aiming to enhance the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the local bay. Reef clean up dives are a regular activity done to remove rubbish that has drifted onto the reefs. You will also help us to build and maintain our coral nursery on a regular basis. Once a coral frame is healthy enough, you will assist in transporting it back to a local reef or to our artificial reef that is to be built in the very near future with your help.
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