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National Education Foundation India
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Company (0-10 employees)
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MIITE India- To train and certify annually one million students, professionals MSME in IT/Soft Skills via the nationwide MIITE program
NEF, the national nonprofit leader in STEM+ and IT/Soft skills education, having given over $100 million in grants to schools in the U.S., is glad to extend these programs to Indian students, professionals, MSME & Public sector employees.. Working together, we have a unique opportunity to create the most cost-effective STEM+ and CTE Academy blended learning model for any institute, organization and thus help our students, adults, professionals, MSME, acquire world-class job skills. To access more than 3,000 world-class skills IT, Business, office productivity, digital literacy Personal, Professional Skills courses, blended learning with live mentoring from scholar practitioners, and videos. See for yourself how cost effective our world-class job skills training programs are, with our contributing grants.
Our program is very flexible. Institutes, organizations could deploy these blended courses in the classroom, after office hours, out bound training programs. We provide these courses worth millions of dollars to the Institutes, MSME across the nation as part of our national STEM+ academy initiative, to educate a million students, adults, professionals in STEM+ as well as Career Tech skills. Participant completing the IT/Business/Management/Soft Skills/ Digital Literacy courses will receive certificates from our acclaimed academic partner, the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S.
Our offerings
Digital literacy
Employability Skills
Entrepreneurship and soft skills
Office Productivity IT Tools
IT Programming skills
For more info. or contact send us a private message

Prof. Harsha Kestur, Vice President, NEF India
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