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Global Citizens Network
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Company (0-10 employees)
Institution description:
Global Citizens Network, a 501(c)(3) organization, strives to develop creative and effective local solutions to global problems by providing opportunities for individuals to interact with people of diverse cultures who share common global values. GCN recognizes the interdependence of people around the world. Social and economic injustice, racial and ethnic inequality, and ecological loss affect all people. But through cooperative effort, individuals of all cultures can enhance their ability to make a difference locally and globally.

To foster that cooperation, Global Citizens Network sends teams of volunteers to communities in indigenous cultures throughout the world. Participants immerse themselves in the culture and daily life of the community. Each volunteer team partners with a local grassroots organization active in meeting local needs. Global Citizens Network creates a worldwide network of people and organizations committed to addressing global issues.

By providing participants the opportunity to learn about the society, knowledge, art and livelihood of other cultures, Global Citizens Network seeks to honor and help preserve those cultures. By providing volunteers and project grants to partner communities, Global Citizens Network fosters human and community development in those cultures. By creating a network of people and organizations, Global Citizens Network seeks to enhance participants' impact on issues of local and global concern.
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