10 Essential Tips on How to Write a Convincing Scholarship Motivational Letter


If you are applying for a scholarship, you should know that your motivational letter is a crucial element. The letter should state why you need financial aid, how it will help you, and what impact is going to have on you. The key to getting the scholarship is being sincere.

Honesty is the best strategy to use, but it is not enough. You must take an impactful approach. Your letter has to be organized, and your writing very convincing. You cannot expect to have a poorly composed letter and get all the desired money. Your writing has to be outstanding and exceptional. Your arguments must be strong, and your content explicit. Here are some tips on how to write a convincing scholarship motivational letter. Don't hesitate to leave us a comment, and tell us how you did!

1. Brainstorm

Before you begin, brainstorm ideas. Figure out how the money is going to help you, and why you are the right candidate to get it. Ask yourself "why does the scholarship matter so much to me?" and answer this question into your letter.

A good technique to use is the spider diagram – you write down your main argument in the middle of a blank page, and expand on it using other sub points. Use smaller circles for your sub points to surround your main idea. This way, your draft is both organized and easy to follow.

2. Be Succinct

A long letter is a winning ticket to the rejection lottery. While it is interesting for you to share your experience, the recruiter will get bored while reading an interminable letter. I mean, think about it – he has already read at least 10 papers similar to yours today. Maybe there are 10 more to come. All he wants to do now is go home, have a drink,and watch the 8 o'clock baseball game. Do you blame him? Because I sure don't.

So, make your reviewer's job easier. Be brief in your explanations, and concise in your writing. Keep a structured content – make sure you have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Keep it simple and clear.

3. Keep it Professional

You are not writing a letter to your best friend. Your audience is professional, so you must write accordingly. Avoid using short forms of nouns and verbs, such as "aren't, can't, or don't." Instead, use "are not, cannot, and do not." The latter forms show formality and respect towards the readers. Remember that you have just met your audience, so keep it professional!

4. Be Humble and Creative

Being humble, yet proud brings you many advantages. For once, you won't come out as a spoiled brat. And second, your humility might actually trigger powerful, sensitive feelings in your audience. They might feel for you, and be touched by emotional arguments.

On top of that, use creative language to portray explanations. It will give your letter a sense of charisma. You can also use funny, witty jokes, as long as they are decent. Avoid sobbing stories and pessimist attitudes. Stay positive and genuine!

5. Use a Proper Tone

Try to match the tone of your voice in writing. The structure of your sentences, the formality of language, the sarcasm – they all show your real manner of speaking. Try to be as close to it as possible. You don't want to sound smart and excited on your letter, but scared and anxious during your interview.

Stay true to yourself and to your audience. If you don't use big words in daily conversations, avoid them in your writing as well. In the end, you are not fooling anybody by not being yourself. They will figure it out eventually.

6. Focus on Your Goals

The committee will be aware of your financial situation before applying for a scholarship. You do not need to reemphasize how important it is to get the money. On the contrary, instead on focusing on material objects, highlight how the scholarship will contribute to your personal development. Answer these questions:

  • What are your long-time goals?
  • How is the money going to help you reach them?
  • What do you expect to accomplish personally and academically during college/grad school?
  • Do you have any specific fields in mind that you would like to work in? If so, what, and how are you going to make an impact on the world?

7. Do Not Act Desperate

Acting desperate for money will send you straight to the blacklist. You had better act desperate for education than for money, trust me. There is no problem talking about food and housing, but keep it concise, and move on quickly. They know how expensive school is since they work there, there is no need for you to remind them.

8. What Change Can You Make in The World?

Best. Question. Ever. Are you unsatisfied with something that goes wrong in the world? If yes (and hopefully that is your answer), what are you unsatisfied with and how are you going to fix it?

Carly Smith, manager at Rush My Essay, shares her opinion. "Universities help people who wish to change the world. Making an impactful contribution to the society and your community will benefit them too. They give you the money and the education, you give them their renown. Life is about reciprocity and mutual interests."

9. Proofread Everything

This might be the most important thing you do before hitting submit. Proofread everything, and make sure you have no typos or grammar mistakes. That will make you look careless and disorganized. Keeping it clear also means keeping it clean, so please, pay attention to the small details – they make the biggest differences!

10. Check it Again

After you proofread your letter, check it again after a couple of days.Make sure it still sounds good. Revise carefully and reorder words or arguments if needed. Ask a friend or a parent to give you feedback. Revise again, then send.

Wrap Up

You must have a good reason to apply for a scholarship. Yes, I am sure the first one is money. But then again, I am also sure you have others too. Talk about your experience, your goals, your perspective. Show your readers how you are going to change the world. Show motivation to succeed in your letter!



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04 June 2020
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