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10 International Scholarships For Middle Eastern Students to Study Abroad


Attending university will always be expensive, and that goes doubly so if you're looking to study in the UK. However, help is at hand. There's a lot of scholarships you can apply for, and with a little bit of effort you can help boost your bank account before you go. These ten scholarships are all provided commercially, rather than through universities. That means there's less competition, so why not try applying for them and see how much you can make?

1. UKWritings Scholarship Program

Value: $850

If you're looking to start working in the entrepreneurial realm, then this is the scholarship for you. UKWritings require that you write a 700 word essay, detailing why you think you deserve this award. You have a lot of freedom with this essay, so be creative and show them just how the money could help you in your studies.

2. Active Training UK Scholarship

Value: £1000

You have four questions you can choose to answer here, including 'Why is having good people skills important?' or 'How will this scholarship award help you?' You can answer in a 500-1000 word blog article, or in 4 minute video on the subject.

3. BoomEssays Writing Contests

Value: First prize: $2000, second prize: $1500, third prize: $1000

You'll need to write an 800-1000 word essay, based on one of the essay questions given to you on the BoomEssays page. These include questions like 'Are search engines eroding our ability to research?' and How will education change in the next 50 years?' Then, you'll need to like or follow Boom Essays on Facebook or Twitter, and then share a post in order to enter.

4. 1st Formations Business Scholarship

Value: £600

To apply for this scholarship, you'll need a letter of recommendation from a tutor or course co-ordinator, proof of your current grades, and a 500-word essay explaining how this business scholarship can help you. Use the opportunity to detail your future plans, and tell the reader how you can use that scholarship to further your ambitions.

5. Essayroo Writing Contest

Value: First prize: $3000, second prize: $2500, third prize: $1500

This essay writing contest by EssayRoo again gives you a variety of essay writing questions to choose from. These include questions like 'How can volunteering help your academic studies?' and 'What makes a good writing assignment?' Try and come up with something new and interesting, that the reader may not have seen before. A new angle can get you noticed.

6. Xero Entrepreneur Scholarships 2017

Value: £2000

You'll need three things to apply for this scholarship. You need an essay or video, outlining how a scholarship could help you in your studies. You'll also need proof of academic achievement, and a letter of recommendation, from a tutor or similar. 

7. AustralianHelp Writing Contest

Value: First place: $700, second place, $500, third place, $250

To take part in this writing contest by AustralianHelp, you'll need to write an 800 word essay on one of the topics given. These include 'The importance of learning storytelling in college', or hat are the opportunities for success without a college degree?'

8. Orla James Wedding Scholarship

Value: £900

If you're looking to break into the wedding industry, here's a scholarship you can sink your teeth into. All you have to do is write an essay, up to 1000 words long, on a wedding topic of your choice. There's a lot of scope here, so really be creative. The winning essay will be exciting, interesting, and outline your plans to offer something new to the industry.

9. The Carspring IMI Female Automotive Scholarship

Value: £1000

With only 16% of workers in the automotive industry being women, Carspring and IMI are looking to change that. If you're a woman looking to work in this industry, give this scholarship a try. You'll need a CV with two references, as well as a covering letter. With these, you should include a 500-1000 word briefing document on the subject: 'The Future Of Automotive Retail.'

10. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

Value: Financial assistance with living expenses, half given as a grant, the other half given as a loan

You'll need a few different things to meet the criteria for this scholarship. Firstly, you'll need proof of excellent grades. You'll also need proof of admission to a respected university, evidence of genuine financial need, and a field of study relevant to the foundation's interests.

Any of these scholarships can give you a leg up as you study abroad. They cost nothing to enter, so give them a shot.

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