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Travel Programs for College Students: Pros and Cons


You have probably heard that around 60% of companies consider that students who studied abroad are a better fit for the position. Moreover, around the same number of employers trust young people with such a background with more responsibilities.

No wonder that a number of students who go abroad to study is growing yearly. In 2014 alone, there were 5 million students going to study abroad. They all believe that going abroad to study is one of the greatest opportunities students get.

Or is it?

There have been some allegations around this subject matter. That is why we have decided to create an extensive list of pros and cons of studying abroad to let you decide what is best for you.

So, meet our list of advantages and disadvantages of international college programs. 

Pros of studying abroad

1. It changes your personality.

People that go to study abroad usually come back different. They are ready to take responsibility for their choices, they have increased maturity and feel more confident about their decisions.

In fact, Smart Study blog offers the following data:
* 97% students believe that living abroad helped them become more mature;
* 96% of them feel more confident doing what they are doing;
* 95% reported having a broader view of life.

You cannot disagree that these numbers speak very loudly and show the reality that studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. 

2. It influences one's future career options.

Not only employers are more willing to hire professionals with such a background, but they are also more likely to trust them with more responsibilities.

Why so? Because they know that you are a mature and responsible person. Why not giving you an opportunity to show all those qualities in action?

3. It helps you understand your culture better.

Living among the nations, you have never gotten in touch with will broaden your view of life and improves your understanding of your own culture.

Studying abroad will put you in different uncomfortable situations. You will see that people act weirdly, but in the end, you come to the realization that they are not weird. They are simply different. They grew up in a different culture and some things seem only natural for them.

In the end, you will be among that 98% who came to a clear understanding of their own culture. And believe us, topics for descriptive writing will no longer scare you will have lots of experience and anecdotes to share. So, no need to seek assistance from an essay writing service. 

4. It stimulates the personal growth.

Not only you will come back as a new person, but you will also have this craving for changes inside of you. Staying the same, living in the same place, going to a job that you don't like or taking a course you are passionate about will no longer be the option for you.

You have tasted life in adventures, and will always want to live that way. And that means constant growth through overcoming challenges.

However, there is also a dark side of joining an international student program, and here they are. 

Cons of studying abroad

1. It might delay your graduation.

Depending on whether your college allows you to join particular programs, you might be delaying your graduation. It is a forced gap year in the middle of college. And even though it might be an excellent opportunity for you, graduating later might not be a good option.

2. You don't really immerse in that culture.

Since you are only coming for a short time, you might not experience the culture to the fullest. You are getting a taste, but this experience is not the same as when you get to live in that country for a while.

Besides, chances are that you will live among international students as well as a part of your program. So, unless you find the time and opportunity to be with the locals, you will be swamped with activities inside your multicultural group. 

3. The program might be expensive.

You can always (well, always) apply for some scholarships, but still going abroad as an exchange student is often quite expensive. You get to pay for your education, rent, grocery, and travels if you don't want to spend several months on campus.

And job opportunities for international students are not always that great, especially because of the language barrier and lots of college activities on your schedule. Take this into account when considering this option. 

4. A year away might hinder your relationships.

No matter how close you think you are with your friends or a significant other, a whole year away will definitely leave a footprint on your relationships.

Keeping up with the latest news while you live in different countries, in different time zones and have absolutely different daily activities is tough. And you should not rush into anything if you are afraid this might be very bad for your relationships.

Sure thing, the Internet makes things much easier, but even it cannot solve the issue of different time zones and schedules.

Going abroad for a year or even several months can be an unforgettable experience you should opt for if these cons do not scare you. You will have the time of your life, especially if you are an easy-going adventure seeker not afraid to build the bridges and take the first steps.

But even if you are not, we are sure you will find something fun about this opportunity.

There is a reason why around four million young people from all over the globe go to other countries to study annually. So, pick the specialization you are most interested in, find a spot on the globe offering the best programs and apply for it today. 

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