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10 Healthy Tips for College Students Traveling Abroad


Neglecting healthy travel tips can quickly spoil your health and fitness regime. Remember that, as a student, your health is a huge priority. You should avoid falling into the habit of eating meals rich in high calories with little exercise routines. Keep in mind that traveling does not necessarily mean taking a vacation. You may be going to visit family during the weekend and get back to school at the start of the week. Therefore, taking care of yourself is quite important.

Below are some ten ways to keep you in good health as you travel abroad:

1. Research on the Food and Take Stock Once You Arrive

Always investigating and researching before arrival makes it quite easy to maintain a healthy and fruitful travel experience. How should you do this research? Well, all you have to do is to identify your preferred foods, identify a suitable healthy diet and grocery store and a couple of highly rated restaurants. Also, it is important to stay at a place with a fridge and full kitchen. Knowing the layout of your destination gives you a perfect advantage as you get to take note of the healthy options while dining in and out.

2. Maintain Healthy Breakfasts and Lunches

It is important to also structure your meals by packing lunch, making breakfast and going out for supper. Such activities allow you to go through the local food varieties while gifting your body with delicious nutritious through your day. It is also important to cook your food as this gives you perfect knowledge and control over what you eat while on vacation or traveling.

It doesn't matter if you have a fridge or not, you can still have healthy packaged food option for perfect meals. Check out various restaurants and decide on the delicacies that suit your needs. However, do not eat every lunch, dinner or breakfast out as this may weigh heavily on your budget!

3. Get Enough Sleep

It is also crucial to get real and substantial hours of sleep. Get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep for every night while you're away or traveling. Most students get caught up doing different activities such as writing persuasive essay topics and hence, they get insufficient hours of sleep.

If you are traveling to areas with different time zones, you should try and stay awake especially on the first day. Then go to a full night's sleep on the regular bedtime in your new location. Why is it so critical to have sufficient rest? Well, research shows that it boosts your immune system, and enhances recovery skills!

4. Identify Local Fitness Areas

It is also always good to look for fitness exercises and activities in your new location, for instance, you could take part in cross fitting activities in the local area. Likewise, if you do yoga, look for a nearby yoga room or studio. Are you near a beach? If so, you could take a surf board or paddle board lessons.

Doing these exercises helps you improve your physical form while also helping you interact with the local community. You might even end up making long-term friends in the process!

5. Create Your Workout Routine

Do you want to get a good workout session without spending too much? Well, the best method is to build your workout! If you're living in an area with fitness facilities, create your exercise routine using their different types of equipment. Similarly, you could head to the park for a bodyweight exercise session using the structures in the playgrounds such as monkey bars or go to the swimming pool. Remember that you can still get a good work out session by doing sit-ups, push-ups, sprints or squats!

6. Staying Hydrated Is Important

Drinking sufficient water is essential for the overall fitness of your body. While traveling, pack a bottle of water to keep your body properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drink extra water if you're traveling to an area with high humidity. Drinking water at certain intervals will also keep you from consuming too much water, especially when in hot areas.

7. Pack Different Snacks or Meals

Greasy and unhealthy processed meals are harmful to the growth of your body. Therefore, it is necessary to pack some snacks or meals. It assists you in knowing what goes into the food you eat. Similarly, it prevents too much spending of money on foods that may not even taste good!

If you're traveling for writing or a book project, taking enough meals gives you an adequate diet before work presentations. However, you should be careful while packing vegetables, meat or fresh fruits as there are several regulations about taking these foods to different states. Ensure that you inform the authorities of such food products once you arrive at your destination. You could keep some packed snacks such as beef jerky, nuts or protein bars and eat them upon arrival!

8. Power Walking!

It is essential that students get in proper exercise routines as this assists greatly in memory retention, reading and even writing. Hence, exploring your new location is one of the easiest means of loosening your muscles. Here, for safety purposes, it is advisable to look for a walking companion!

9. Take Up Cycling or Rent a Bike

You cover more ground and burn more calories through cycling. So, consider renting a bike once you arrive at your destination. Several major cities have bike programs, or you could also contact any local bike store and inquire about bike rentals. Get a cycling map of your new location, look for day trips, and explore your new area.

10. Pack Your Vitamins, Gym Gear As Well As Other Supplements

It is quite difficult to get motivated or work out if you don't have the right kind of equipment. Remember to pack your gym equipment to eliminate any excuse once you miss a workout session. Here, you could decide to carry a roller or skipping rope. Similarly, if you take any vitamins or supplements, do not forget to bring them to maintain your nutrition while away!


The above healthy travel tips are suitable for all caliber of students. Keep in mind that maintaining proper health is crucial to your ultimate success especially in reading as well as writing different projects. Carefully follow these healthy travel strategies and you'll enjoy the best possible results!

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