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LEAPYEAR is an alternative first year of college at Naropa University in Boulder, CO that is designed to have strong elements of a great gap year. LEAPYEAR is both the coolest year of college that you can imagine, AND the most comprehensive gap year program on the planet. LEAPYEAR is a gap year and a full year of college, a year of experiences, adventures & reflection. It is a transformational on-ramp to your independence and an empowered adult life and specifically designed to serve students ages 17 to 23 as they transition into adulthood. Spend two semesters of your life outside of the classroom and learning from your own experience in the world. Travel to either India or Latin America in a group, then complete a solo internship just about anywhere in the world, all while earning college credit!


LEAPYEAR is filled with many opportunities for travel and adventure. The year kicks off with group travel to India or Latin America where a small cohort of students, along with experienced leaders, spend nine weeks exploring these rich cultural landscapes.
The second semester holds a three-month solo adventure designed to empower students to step fully into the realm of adulthood and personal responsibility. We encourage each student to dream big, because with our huge internship database there are possibilities to go anywhere and do just about anything you can imagine.
A gap year and a year of college credit, with full access to FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid).


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What`s Included

Gap year exploration & travel: 3 months with a guided group, and 3 months of individual internship.
Academic Progress: 30 semester credits in language, cultural study, psychology & the liberal arts through Naropa University. A year "on" rather than a year off.
Gap Year Independence: Over 6,600 opportunities for individual internships abroad.
Real-world Career exploration before college to help choose a major that is aligned with your purpose.
Structure & Mentoring: 4 residential intensives in California providing context and direction

Program Locations

Calistoga, United States

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LEAPNOW: Transforming Education
  • United States: Calistoga
6-12 months
Program Type:
Gap Year Expedition
American, Worldwide
Access to FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid) & Generous Private Scholarships.
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