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Program Description

Tikondane is a vibrant grassroots community centre run for and by the people of Katete. Our mission is to fight poverty in Katete through better education, health and entrepreneurship; helping people to help themselves while maintaining their traditional values.
We run income generating activities (IGAs) for 85 staff to learn practical skills whilst developing an independent source of income for themselves and Tiko. We promote better health through HIV/Aids testing and counselling, health workshops and training, education on a balanced diet, prevention of infections, permaculture farming, and home-based caretakers. We provide early childhood playgroups, primary education in the lively community school, English & literacy lessons, and "19 steps out of poverty" for villagers. We promote the traditional culture of caring for your neighbours, generosity, and supporting traditions like the UNESCO recognized Ghost Dance.

Volunteer help is especially needed for PR and grand application writing, permaculture and live stock breeding, but just talking English with our colleagues here, finding out what they do and how they live and do some mental arithmetic with them will make you part of the Tiko Family. We are very much into income generating activities where costing is a big hurdle to overcome. You can play with the children in our Early Childhood Centre and in the Community School, as well as in all our adult classes. There is something for every volunteer at Tiko. Zikomo


At Tiko you will get a chance to see life in rural Zambia, in a kind of time-warp. People are extremely kind and welcoming and you will soon find yourself a member of the Tiko family, since you take part in all activities.

You will have the opportunity to work autonomously, and Tiko is flexible enough for you to really find your niche. Most importantly, you will find that your presence does make a difference.

Beyond Tiko's unique community and cultural safaris, one of the best game parks in Africa is only three hours away, South Luangwa. The Lonely Planet Guide observes that there are only two places in the Eastern Province worth visiting, South Luangwa game park and Tiko.


We welcome all volunteers who can offer a valuable contribution, but we are particularly on the look out for individuals with specialized qualifications or professional experience.
Every visitor brings a positive contribution by speaking English with the locals and making them feel to be of interest. Knowledge and skills at Tiko are at a very low level, so everybody can contribute. Especially handy skills like carpentry and agriculture are needed.
Most of all however, at this level we need people with PR skills, and who are great in writing grant applications and can teach these skills to our interns, namely motivated young people, for whom the family had no money for college or university

Volunteer Types

What`s Included

The standard package includes all meals, but if volunteers stay longer and decide they prefer to self-cater, the price will be reduced to accommodation only.
Volunteers take part in all activities that are offered to tourists, like a cultural safari with the Ghost Dance, appreciated by UNESCO for its heritage value, where Tiko guests are the only outsiders allowed to attend. Volunteers will take part in meetings and parties and will report on their own activities the moment when they have found a niche. There is a family feeling at Tikondane as the local people are especially friendly, hospitable and welcoming.
After working with us you will be a world class problem solver.

Program Locations

Katete, Zambia

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Program Details

Tikondane Community Centre
  • Zambia: Katete
Throughout the year
Program Duration:
1-2 weeks, 1-3 months, 2-4 weeks, 3-6 months, 6-12 months
US$ 225 for all meals and accomodation
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