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Program Description

This program is all over Brazil and here is the job description:

The intern will do a diagnosis of the organization (NGOs), identify their main needs, develop and implement strategies to help them communicate more effectively with their target audience, volunteers and sponsors, in order to strengthen their brand and increase their sustainability.
Smarketing Project, designed to restore and assist with consulting and promotes an international environment for NGOs, expanding concepts and establishing an operational planning six weeks can make for GAPs improvements and expand social promotion.

Aiming to work the priority needs of NGOs, the project gives three steps to achieve the goals with management and marketing site:

Step 1 - Analysis:

Understand the situation of NGOs. Evaluate all the critical points of NGOs through tools and techniques that help to unravel which the roots and possible
local solutions, as well as evaluating the communication plan for external checking the regional situation and closing the week with the next steps for implementation;

Step 2: Implementation

Arrange the operational plan that will be inserted over the weeks and invest in each goal with commitment and always thinking about your role as a change agent that location. The weeks of implementation should have clear measurable for each challenge is implemented safely.
Develop short to long term activities for the following points:
- Human Resources
- Financial
- Communicative

Step 3: Consolidation:
To ensure the long-term effectiveness: Making the tools and general techniques
inserted throughout the project are easily accessible and passed on to the head of the NGO, enabling him to use.

We also provide you free accommodation, free maracatu, capoeira and forr├│ classes and free access to the university pool.


This program is available all over the country.

The internship will consist of 3 steps:
Step 1 - Analysis
Step 2: Implementation
Step 3: Consolidation


Interns needs to be from McGill University within 2 years of graduation. The length of the internship is 6 to 8 weeks long.

Volunteer Types

Social services, social work

What`s Included

Accomodation is provided for participants and will be provided with at least one meal a day

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Program Locations

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Program Details

  • Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
Throughout the year
Program Duration:
2-4 weeks

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