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Program Description

Thai, Lao, Burmese, and Khmer students are able to participate in holiday camps through Openmind Projects.

These camps run during April and October. Volunteers are needed to assist students in improving their English, IT and studying abilities in Nong Khai at our Training Center.

These holiday camps have been successfully organized and run by Openmind Projects for numerous years. Camps are free for students and students are provided with meals and accommodation. Volunteers have a lot of opportunities to help out at our Training Center. Help these children as you help them learn.

These camps benefit these children since many schools in the villages of Southeast Asia are not able to provide a quality education. Students do not have much opportunity to practice their English skills or use the internet and computers. They have not been exposed to the wider world outside of their village in many cases. Teachers in these villages focus on rote learning and memorization so that students are not supported in creative and critical thinking. They lack the opportunities to become effective learners and are trained to be uncritical listeners. Learning English and IT skills will benefit these rural children gain successful futures.

There are many opportunities for international volunteers since these holiday camps allow you to encourage local children to learn and enjoy. Camps are interactive and motivate underprivileged children. These local children are thrilled about sharing their background, skills, and traditions with volunteers.

We provide volunteers with a three day Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training program. We help volunteers prepare activities. Volunteers will be able to plan the camp and work with our staff so that you can add your own ideas. You will work with our staff and fellow volunteers at camp as you focus on cross culture exchange, world knowledge, environmental issues, computer skills, and English acquisition.

Our Learning Philosophy

We aim to aid and encourage underprivileged students by teaching them how to learn-by-doing since people are able to effectively learn as they engage in interesting activities that are relevant to their lives. Campers will be able to use these skills immediately and so our volunteers are trained to use an activity-and context-based learning method.

What you will gain:

As a volunteer in Southeast Asia, you will be able to broaden your empathy as you engage in cross-cultural experiences. You will be able to have a more fulfilling and life-changing experience as a volunteer rather than a tourist or backpacker since you will be a part of the community.

Our goal as role models:

We are aiming to spread our effective learning ideas through our trainers and volunteers as the Training Center. You will serve as role models so that local communities will learn from you as you help local groups.


- Special offers for Early Bookers, Groups, Families, R&D Interns, Returning Volunteers

- Plan activities with the staff of Openmind Projects before the camp starts
- Foster an activity-based, 'learning-by-doing' program with lots of sanook ('fun' in Thai): games, role-play activities, sports and songs
- Camp activities include: English conversation, improving IT skills on computers and using the internet, improving world knowledge, tackling environmental issues, searching for internet information and creating presentations in English, cultural exchanges through shows, and activities to stimulate critical thinking skills

Every April and October

Openmind Projects have a camp at the Nong Khai Training Center but volunteers have the option to participate in camps in other cities and areas including Krabi or in other countries such as the Dongsavath Children and Youth Development Center’s camps outside and around Laos. These camps run from June through August and focus on activities that celebrate Laotian culture be exploring local drama, storytelling, music, handicrafts, and dance


English fluency

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What`s Included

- Housing available
- Language/cultural support and Training provided
- Get a free weekend in the Phu Wua Mountains and a chance for wild elephant trekking!

Program Locations

Nong Khai, Thailand

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Openmind Projects Foundation
  • Thailand: Nong Khai
Program Duration:
1-2 weeks, 1-3 months
American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide
From €255
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