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Program Description

By volunteering and living in a refugee camp you will experience from the first hand how the Palestinians live their daily life. You will see the living circumstances in the camp and will have the opportunity to ask about and feel the occupation. You will be in touch with Palestinians all the time, which will give you a different experience then when you come as a tourist. If you want, you can even learn some Arabic from the people.
Volunteering in our cultural organisation shows you a beautiful part of our heritage (debke dance). When we have performances in weddings or other places you will join them and see how they happen.
The Palestinian culture is very hospitable and gives you great chances to join their daily life.
We also provide you with a volunteering certification if you ask one for it.

To have international volunteers here, is a help on his own: for the children of the camp, who almost never left their hometown, it's a joy to meet new foreign people. It gives them a special memory in their life that they will not forget.


Our mission is to build an artistic Palestinian body, where its members gather to share efforts and ideas to represent our cultural and national concepts and to show the public most of our performances as possible as we can.

Other projects which are still waiting to be started are about raising awareness among women in the camp to obtain healthy life style for the families and to develop capabilities of the children and youth,

We want also to expand raising awareness to larger geographic areas in Bethlehem City specially villages and other camps.


- No specific requirements.
- Teachers are needed if avaliable
- This is as much an opportunity for the volunteer to contribute as well as to learn and grow into new skills not earlier used!

Volunteer Types

What`s Included

You can give workshops from different kinds such as contemporary dance, fitness exercises, yoga, ballet, a traditional dance from your country,... All ideas are welcome!
If you know how to play a music instrument, you can contribute at the training and festivals. Bringing the youngsters in touch with music is from great importance and a stimulation for them to get activated, giving opportunities to the children to develop their skills and seeking their future through music.
Feel free to bring games with you - for example UNO, RISK, TWISTER, cricket, youth-organisation-games to play outside
The same if you know about creative crafts

Program Locations

Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories

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Program Details

Ghorbet Lagee Organization
  • Palestinian Territories: Bethlehem
Throughout the year
Program Duration:
Arabic, English

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