Care for Animals at Lok Kawi Park in Borneo

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Program Description

Working hours are generally between 8.00am - 12.00am and 2.00pm - 5.00pm. You will assist on a rotation system in these areas:
Elephants (10 days) - Orang-Utans and Monkeys, & Reptiles (5 Days) - Birds & Hoofstock (5 Days)

Learn about animal care across a variety of species. You'll have hands on contact with some of the animals that have been hand reared.

Walking into the Aviary is like stepping into the middle of the jungle! The forest canopy is covered with a mesh that is so high that you barely even notice it hovering above the trees. A wooden walkway leads you through the Aviary and across a stream where birds can be seen fishing and wading in the mud. Talking parrots will greet you 'hello' and you may even be lucky enough to spot a mouse deer foraging in the vegetation. You may assist with the following:
* To assist with feeding time and talk to visitors about the various different birds
* Maintaining records of the number of birds that come to the feeding platform and reporting anything abnormal to the veterinarian/other staff
* Preparing food
* Cleaning enclosures thoroughly to provide a clean environment for the birds

You'll assist with Rhino, Cattle, Axis and Deer. You may assist with the following duties;
* Cleaning enclosures to ensure a clean environment for the animals
* Inspecting animals for different behaviour or signs of illness and report to the veterinarian/other staff where necessary.
* Moving animals from night stalls to enclosures.

You'll look after the primate species, including Orang-Utans, Proboscis Monkeys and Gibbons, as well as other small mammals. Both Orang-Utans and Proboscis Monkeys face the threat of extinction due to loss of habitat and human intervention.
* Inspecting animals for different behaviour or signs of illness and report to the veterinarian/other staff where necessary.
* Cleaning enclosures and Preparing food and feeding
* Handling other primates when required
* Moving orang-utans from the night stalls to their outside enclosures

All the Elephants are Pygmy Elephants and there are currently 5 female elephants, 1 male and 2 babies. Pygmy Elephants are native to Borneo, but their population and habitat is dwindling due to human intervention. The baby elephants at Lok Kawi were rescued when their mothers were killed by poachers. They have been in contact with humans since a very young age as they had to be bottle fed. You may assist the elephant keepers with the following tasks:

* Inspecting animals for different behaviour or signs of illness and report to the veterinarian/other staff where necessary.
* Taking the baby elephants to the Children's Zoo and assisting with visitor interaction/safety.
* Reporting to the veterinarian on behaviour/eating patterns
* Cleaning enclosures
* Preparing food/milk
* Bottle feeding and washing the baby elephants


Meals will be prepared for you and you'll have plenty of opportunities to socialise with others. Malaysia has lovely weather all year round with lots of sunshine and you will have some time during your free days to explore the local region and visit some of the tourist attractions.

Location- Penampang, near Kota Kinabalu

You'll live in staff quarters on the grounds of the Wildlife Park. This accommodation has two bedrooms, a living/dining area, a western style toilet and a separate shower. There is a kitchen with a kettle and fridge for your use.


Minimum age 17. No qualifications needed, but you should be reasonably fit and able to cope with tropical climates.

Volunteer Types

What`s Included

►Meeting you at the nearest Airport
►Transfer to your accommodation
►Transport to and from your project
►Full pre-departure support
►Local in-country team support and backup
►24-hr emergency support.

What's not included: Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visas (if a visa is required), Return transfer to airport.

Program Locations

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Program Details

Budget Volunteering (BVOL)
  • Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu
Throughout the year
Program Duration:
1-3 months, 2-4 weeks
American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide
£2,095 for weeks. This is a fixed length project of 4 weeks. Includes Accommodation and food.
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