Bat Conservation in Cuba

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Volunteer with this organization and take advantage of a week-long field research introduction that is hands-on. You will collect data from forests and non-air-conditioned caves as you set up equipment used to capture bats and learn about proper methods to handle and identify bats. You will be able to see other species since volunteers will be placed in caves that are not available to the public. Compare bats located in Varadero with those undisturbed populations. Enjoy the beautiful wildlife of Cuba as you work with friendly individuals and enjoy the local climate. Learn about field research techniques and bat conservation work.

Your responsibilities include collecting data, handling bats, hand-netting and harp trapping bats, helping with mist netting, learning about bat handling and trapping techniques, and training on bat identification and chiropterology.

You will be placed in the field and contending with guano, tropical temperatures, dark caves, and bugs. Terrain can be rough with occasional crawling situations, though the walks through or to the caves is fairly easy. Caves can be dusty which may impact volunteers with respiratory issues like asthma.


A vacation getaway is the most common image of the Caribbean. While Varadero is a popular destination for tourists, this growth of the tourism industry has caused habitat destruction. Several species of bats have been impacted by this loss. Volunteer with our affiliated organization and help work on bat conservation.

There are around 30 species of bats and about 30,000 caves in Cuba. Varadero has a protected ecological reserve called Varahicacos that is home to about 5 species of bats. We are working with an organization the measures how bat populations are impacted by stressors such as disease, drought, and habitat loss. Assist with the field research!


Proof of pre-exposure rabies immunization or protective rabies antibody titre is a requirement.

Volunteer Types

Wildlife surveying

What`s Included

Airport pick up and drop off (at closest airport), Accommodation (Homestay), Meals, Transportation to and from research sites, On-site training, Bird-watching Nature Tour, $10 Credit in our Zazzle store (towards the purchase of recycled water bottles, reusable bags, etc), American and Canadian clients get 50% off at the online AEI IceBreaker store, Donation to Placement Partner, AEI Travel Manual, Emergency support while at Placement, and Carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Varadero, Cuba

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Animal Experience International
  • Cuba: Varadero
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1-2 weeks
Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African
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