Teachers Needed in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan!

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Program Description

Travel across the globe and immerse yourself in a different lifestyle by teaching in Bhutan!

Join this unique opportunity and have the chance to:
• Experience a full-time international and paid teaching position
• Open up your career opportunities as you gain valuable experience teaching English curriculum
• Be immersed in a remote and untouched culture that is vibrant and full of smiles
• Work with rural Bhutanese students and help to improve the local community

In this peaceful country, the King promotes democracy, the citizens make a daily impact, and historical and ancient monasteries stand guard on snow-tipped peaks and lush valleys. Bhutan’s central governing principle is Gross National Happiness. Welcome to Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

The Bhutan Canada Foundation is an institution that promotes communal development through educational programs and social initiatives in Bhutan, essay writers.

We are recruiting and searching for experienced instructors to accept a minimum of a one-year contract. This contract is offered by the Ministry of Education in Bhutan. We are specifically searching for primary teachers as well as junior/secondary English. We also have positions for math, special education and science instructors.

Contracts begin January 2015 only! Deadline to Apply is July 31st, 2014!


Join us in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Gain valuable international experience as you become a teacher in the Kingdom of Bhutan. This is a remote nation that many have never experienced that is full of history, culture, and ancient temples. You will be able to hone your teaching abilities, work with local and international colleagues, and live the culture of Gross National Happiness as you experience Himalayan culture.


In order to work as a teacher in Bhutan, the Ministry of Education in Bhutan requires the following qualifications at the time you submit your application.

1. English must be one's first language
2. You must possess either: a) a post-secondary degree in Education, or b) a post-secondary degree in the subject you wish to teach (eg., English)
3. You must have three years of full time relevant classroom teaching experience (English, Math, science, special Ed.)

What`s Included

Teachers must fund their own airfare and purchase travel and medical insurance.

The two week orientation in the capital city is included plus transportation to your school and community.
Two support offices (Toronto and Thimphu, Bhutan) year round.
Mid-Year retreat during summer break.
Holidays and vacation included.
Immersive communities in a mesmerising country.

Program Locations

Trongsa, Bhutan

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Program Details

Bhutan Canada Foundation
  • Bhutan: Trongsa
1 year+
American, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi

• Two-week orientation in the capital city, Thimphu
• Support from both Toronto office and field office
• Mid-year retreat
• Paid position, with an English curriculum
• Local Bhutanese salary (more than enough to comfortably live in Bhutan)
• Fascinating and unique culture that is extremely welcoming to foreigners
• Accommodation, visas, work permit, flights are all secured with BCF's staff
• Fundraising assistance and optional fundraising program to cover associated costs
• Strong alumni network and pre-departure assistance with other teachers
• Daily tariff is waived for all teachers
• National curriculum, created in conjunction with Canadian consultants
• Entire curriculum is online for access prior to arrival
• Concept of Gross National Happiness is infused into the curriculum
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