University Spanish in Argentina

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Program Description

Spanish 0 - beginners (15 credits)
Spanish 1 - middle level (15 credits)
Spanish 2 - Advanced (15 credits)

The Spanish make up half part of the semester.

combined with one of the following courses:
CSR & Sustainability - Corporate Social Responsibility level 1 (15 credits)
CSR Management - Corporate Social Responsibility level 2 (15 credits)
Spanish American Literature 1 (15 credits) - in English
Spanish American Literature 2 (15 credits) - in Spanish
Philosophy History with environmental philosophical perspective (15 credits)

Together, the combination of two courses gives 30 credits - a full semester full time.


When you learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country, the literature and the use of the new language becomes a part of everyday life. With a little initiative and determination, you learn to speak the language fluently.

Seminar Teaching takes place in groups of six students, and led by teachers from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (who also speaks English). They are trained in teaching Spanish as a second language and facilitate so that the students can practice the language both orally and in writing. As part of the course you will also visit local organizations.

Grammar is mainly taught through lectures in Spanish and English. The lecturer is Norwegian.

The most important part of the study is probably still the time you spend to get into Argentine society and everyday conversations with people around you.

Our Spanish studies, are academic and provide credits equivalent full-time study. In other words, not a regular language course, but a study that (if you choose further advanced courses) can give you qualifications to teach Spanish.

To get a better understanding of the level of the various courses and which one suits you best, you can take our diagnostic tests.

The Students

The students have different backgrounds, both academically, professionally and personally. An estimated one-third of the students directly from high school, one third are studying a bachelor and the last third is experienced students or worker.

The structure of the semester

Self Study Period: Before the course begins, you will have a tutorial period when you will get to know the literature and write a short essay.
Teaching Period in Buenos Aires extends over twelve weeks, with lectures, seminars, excursions and a final written and oral exam.
Home exam: at the end of the programme in Buenos Aires you have three weeks to write your assignment.

Full academic year

Would you like to take a full academic year with Spanish, you can continue to the next level in Argentina, or you can add time between semesters on practicing Spanish while back packing through Latin America to Nicaragua where you continue Spanish studies.


Why study Spanish in Argentina?
You can practice your Spanish as much as you want
You get the experience of living in a Latin American country
You meet people who have a very different background than your own
You learn that your own society has a peculiar culture
The curriculum gets closer to your own experiences
You feel that you can master new knowledge and new environments

What`s Included

Acommodation, Field trips, Cultural events



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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Program Details

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires
School Term:
Academic Year, Fall, Spring
5200 Euro
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