Undergraduate Degree in Modern Languages

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Program Description

We provide students with the ability to achieve a strong level of competence in communication using two foreign languages such as French/English and German/English. Students will also develop a depth of knowledge on the historic and socio-economic backgrounds of these nations along with cultural understanding. Our instructors instill a perspective based on human value and ethical issues so that graduates will have a successful experience while searching for future career positions. There are two branches of this program:

Foreign language teaching and learning
International communication and language

We are committed to broadening our students’ cultural understanding by fostering exchange programmes. These take places in a wide range of countries through our affiliated universities.


Our Modern Language Degree will allow graduates to become teachers and instructors of Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education. This is also a suitable degree to prepare graduates for the Master’s Degree in Teacher Education, which would allow graduates to work in Official Language Schools, secondary education, and Vocational Training.

What`s Included

The various itineraries professional projection for our graduates include, but are not limited to:

Language unregulated (English / German / French) [1]
Creation of teaching materials
Literature and collaboration with academic journals
Research in linguistics, literature, cultural studies and teaching
Advice on linguistic and cultural media companies
Linguistic advice on public and private companies
Teams of intercultural mediation and multicultural teamwork
Agents in International Relations
International cooperation
Language support in the tourism sector
Creative Writing


Foreign Language

Program Locations

Murcia, Spain

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Program Details

UCAM University
  • Spain: Murcia
School Term:
Academic Year
3.900€ / course 4.800€ / No-UE
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