MA Program in International Economics & Cultural Diplomacy

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Program Description

The institutions of Babes-Bolyai University and the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy have partnered together to create an International Economics and Cultural Diplomacy Master’s Degree program. The academic courses necessary to complete the degree will be from a variety of disciplines and fields, but all are selected to address globalization and international expansion. This program specifically focuses on the growing importance of soft power and cultural diplomacy within international relations.

This degree is comprised of themes from Foreign Affairs, World Economics, and Global Politics, although cultural diplomacy is specifically emphasized with regards to historical and contemporary applications in the public, private, and civil sectors. Students who earn a degree in International Economics and Cultural Diplomacy will be able to find employment in a variety of fields, including business, finance, politics, diplomacy, and in institutions involved with economic policy.

This Master’s program utilizes a historical and case study approach in order to provide students with a thorough grounding in Foreign Affairs, World Economics, and Cultural Diplomacy. Contemporary case studies are used to keep students informed on current affairs and course seminars are supplemented with conferences, events, talks with international organizations, and lectures by foreign officials. Students will be able to discuss issues and themes with non-government organizations, embassies, visiting professors, and experts in a variety of fields including Foreign Affairs, Economics, Communication, Politics, Diplomacy, Conflict Resolution, and International Development.

The International Economics and Cultural Diplomacy Master’s Degree program will provide students with hands-on experience that will boost their future opportunities for success. Students will be given the chance to network, build valuable contacts, and set the stage for continued professional growth and development. Students will leave the program with practical skills suited to any number of professions, including politics, non-governmental organizations, and international businesses.


This program is based in Berlin, Germany and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Babes-Bolyai University will award the International Economics and Cultural Diplomacy Master’s Degree. This is a fully accredited institution of higher learning and is a part of the Bologna Process. Credits earned during the course of this degree are recognized at universities in all of the other 40-plus signatory nations. Students will be awarded 30 credits per semester and will accrue 120 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits over four semesters.

The first two semesters will take place at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, while the third and fourth semesters will be held at the Babes-Bolyai University.

In addition to a set number of mandatory courses, students will be able to choose elective courses based on interest and inclination. The first semester will have three mandatory classes and two electives, and the second semester will involve a professional development program and two electives. The third semester is when students move to the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania. The fourth semester is spent on completing a Master’s Thesis. Students will also be given work opportunities during their time in the program. At the completion of two years, students will defend their thesis at the Babes-Bolyai University.

Students will go through a rigorous program that will prepare them for the real world and for a variety of professions across diverse fields. The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies will immerse students in an international community and put them in contact with experts from leading global organizations. Students will also be able to engage in individual research as they work within a challenging and excellent work environment.

The structure of the program will allow students to experience two fascinating cities in Europe. They will be able to learn and grow personally and professionally in two diverse cultures. The combination of working with a non-governmental organization as well as a traditional university will provide the best foundation for each student’s personal development.

Dates of Next Programs for 2015

Enrolments to the Program are possible towards the fall, winter and spring semesters’ start each year. Program's Next Start;

Winter Semester- January 5th, 2015 or February 16th, 2015
Spring Semester- March 30th, 2015 or May 11th, 2015
Fall Semester 2015- October 1st, 2015

What`s Included

Scholarships are available to students based on educational excellence and financial need. These scholarships can equal up to a 10% reduction of tuition costs. Each scholarship will be evaluated on an individual basis. Students with a grade point average of 4.5 out of 5.0 will potentially be able to qualify pending financial need.

Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship will first need to submit an initial aid application request when applying to the program. Upon being accepted to the program, they will need to complete a full Financial Aid Application.

Scholarships will be determined for the first and second semesters and then the third and fourth semesters.


Economics, International Policy and Diplomacy, International Relations, Political Science/Politics

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Berlin, Germany

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Program Details

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
  • Germany: Berlin
School Term:
12,000 Euros for the full program for all students (6,000 Euros/Academic Year)
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