24 Month Program Working with Poverty

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Program Description

There are three portions to our program:
1. 12 month volunteer period in Denmark
Participants will be able to save up money by engaging in volunteer work. You will study, investigate, research, and implement effective strategies while working with social care institutions and the Lindersvold School Center.

2. 8 Month Volunteer stint in a Developing Country
Participants will spend 4 months volunteering at a developmental project that focuses on pedagogy and then the remaining 4 months helping those who are poor. Studies are conducted on the evenings and weekends.

3. 4 Month Volunteer and exam period
Participants will study for a final exam and be evaluated on their progress.


Students learn teaching pedagogy through this program and by hands-on practical teaching during the school work and when in the field. This is a program made in cooperation with One World University (OWU), Mozambique. We are looking to train teachers who have high standards of ethics and practice. This program was designed with this in mind and is made up of the following:

Man, nature, and development
Philosophy of education: teacher training
World History and the World of Today
Methods and Means of Learning and Teaching

Students will also learn about how best to help poverty communities by using these 5 main themes:

My Test Piece
The Future Organization of the Poor
The Organization of the Poor
The Group of Poor
The Individual Poor

The approach to travel as an educated person is new and is in many ways revolutionary. Being trained in the theories and practice of specific transformational processes in society allow us to point at and fully accept the responsibility of the educated person to be part of transforming that society. The aim of the education is to combine action with theoretical and practical knowledge within the framework of understanding the role of teachers and realizing the existence poor communities, understanding the basis of their plight, and raising the personal willingness, ability and readiness of the student to work to develop the community together.

What`s Included

Service period in Africa or India
Training in Assisting the Poverty-stricken


African Studies, Agriculture, Continuing Education, Development Studies, Peace Studies

Program Locations

Faxe, Denmark

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Program Details

One World Center, Denmark
  • Denmark: Faxe
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Throughout the year
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