Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Teaching Chinese

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Program Description

135 CATS credits are carried in the 3 post-graduate level cours credits of the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese.

67.5 CATS credits are carried in the 1.5 post-graduate level course units with the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Chinese.

Program participants enroll in mandatory courses for two central areas:

• Principles and Practice in Communicative Language Teaching for Chinese:
- Chinese Applied Linguistics (0.5 unit)
- Language Awareness, Methods and Techniques in Teaching Chinese (1 unit)
• Knowledge and Skills for Second Language Teaching:
- Theories of Language Learning and Acquisition (0.5 unit)
- Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching and Language Assessment (1 unit)

Teaching Practice:

One of the benefits of enrolling in this course is that participants will be able to observe instructors as well as have the opportunity to teach students from a wide range of language abilities and levels. Our instructors will evaluate all aspects is teaching Chinese including planning lessons, ability to foster rapport, developing teaching materials, building a cooperative learning environment, and using a variety of teaching techniques.


SOAS Language Centre is pleased to offer this programme of professional development leading to a post-graduate qualification (Certificate and Diploma) in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. These awards have contributed substantially to the professionalising of Chinese teaching in the UK and elsewhere and to the recognition of the expertise of teachers of Chinese as a Foreign or Second Language.

What`s Included

The Certificate in Teaching Chinese is designed:

• to meet the rapidly growing demand in the UK and elsewhere for trained and qualified teachers of Chinese as a foreign language.
• to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills which will enable them to teach Chinese to a broad spectrum of Chinese learners in UK, European and worldwide educational contexts.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese is designed to:

• equip trainees to be able to deal professionally with the teaching of Chinese in different contexts.
• familiarise trainees with the theoretical principles underlying the content and design of instructional materials and teaching/testing techniques.
• provide trainees with the knowledge and skills and the supported teaching practice to enable them to teach Chinese using the latest communicative methods.
• show trainees how to create coherent and progressive schemes of work and design effective and efficient lesson plans that are adapted to students’ learning needs.
• show trainees how to analyse empirical data in order to evaluate second language learners’ performance objectively and how to describe achievement and proficiency levels using appropriate terminology.
• enable trainees to fulfil supervisory and pedagogical lead roles such as those of syllabus designer, course co-ordinator, teacher mentor and materials developer.

Graduates will be qualified and well-prepared for teaching Chinese in higher education in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world, for teaching Chinese at private institutions or companies, for fulfilling administrative or consultative roles in educational organisations and for undertaking commissioning and editing in companies which create and market Chinese language courseware.

Program Locations

London, United Kingdom

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Program Details

SOAS, University of London
  • United Kingdom: London
1 year+
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