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Cantonese Course Hong Kong - For Beginner Cantonese Course, we will teach the basic Cantonese, including pronunciation and basic conversations, contents for Beginner Course:

Cantonese Pronunciation
Taking a taxi in Hong Kong
How much is this
Can you make it cheaper
What will be the weather like tomorrow?
Do you have a bigger one?
Living in Hong Kong is very convenient
I am sick
Cantonese Course Hong Kong - For Intermediate Cantonese Course, more complexed Cantonese phrases, informal and formal Chinese words and grammar, contents for Intermediate course:

Let's first know each other
What is favorite Cantonese food?
Do you like shopping in Hong Kong?
I am sick...
Getting married...
Traditional Chinese wedding
Watch a Chinese movie
Travelling in Hong Kong
Write an email
My future is not a dream
Chinese lifestyle
Cantonese Course Hong Kong - For Advanced Cantonese Course, more vocabularies, formal Chinese words, contents for Advanced course:

It's a misunderstanding
A football match
Visit Chinese families
Let's talk about Beijing dialect
Fall in love at first sight
TV advertisement
Spring Festival
Average salary in your country and in Hong Kong
Hong Kong V.S Shanghai
Economic crisis


People always say that learning Cantonese is difficult, but probably they forgot the fun part. We have professional Cantonese tutors, they are local Hong Kong people with Master in Linguistics or related degree holders. They are fluent in English, patient and helpful, most importantly, they teach the language in an efficient and fun way!

There are 6 levels in our Cantonese Course Hong Kong - Beginner level 1 and 2, Intermediate Level 1 and 2, Advanced Level 1 and 2. For beginner level, each sublevel has 30 hours, for Intermediate and Advanced level, each sublevel has 60 hours.

What`s Included

Although Mandarin is the official language in China, Cantonese is the main language spoken in Hong Kong and Canton province, according to Wikipedia, there are over 59 million Cantonese speakers worldwide and among them, over 7 million people are in Hong Kong, therefore, learning Cantonese is very useful while you are living in Hong Kong, it will definitely make your life in Hong Kong easier. ILC offers the best Cantonese course Hong Kong, and we can help you to reach your goals.

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China

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