Bahasa Indonesia - Language Course (BIPA)

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Program Description

Indonesian for non-native speakers program is designed to train participants to use standard Indonesian language in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through this program, the participants will not only be able to develop their language skills in both the classroom and on the street but also learn firsthand about Indonesian society and culture.

The program offers an easy and flexible way of learning Bahasa Indonesia. Students will be involved in various tasks of self-directed learning with computer assisted materials actively communicate in both written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia. BIPA Nusa Putra provides three levels of study with individual curriculum and goals.

1. Elementary Level (BIPA 1)
The elementary level aims at giving basic competence to use Bahasa Indonesia both formal and informal. Cultural awareness also be given to enhance the communication skills. Bahasa Indonesia in various contexts. You will surely earn basic competence in using Bahasa Indonesia at the end of this level.

2. Elementary Level (BIPA 2)
At the intermediate level, participants learn to employ different styles of spoken and written Bahasa Indonesia, as well as to study Indonesia's state, administrative, and citizenship systems. You will achieve this competence through discussion, oral presentation, and descriptive writing. You will be introduced to a variety of important language functions, including commands, offers, refusals, and invitations.

3. Elementary Level (BIPA 3)
At this level, participants learn to participate in discussion, write essay in Indonesian, and study topics related to Indonesian society and culture (e.g. history, religion, tradition, etc.).

Why join BIPA-program?
To enhance knowledge, skills, and experiences and develop international
Indonesia is a big and economy. Take the Indonesian language to your
advantage and impress future business partners.
To provide training of national and foreign languages.
To be informed of the Indonesian language and cultures.
To widen networks with other institutions both at the national and international
To supplement language study with Indonesian cultural practices.
To increase self-confidence.


- chance to explore beautiful and exotic Indonesia
- classes outside of the classroom

What`s Included

- qualified lectures
- learning materials
- free accommodation
- airport pickup
- city orientation

Program Locations

Sukabumi, Indonesia

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Program Details

STT Nusa Putra
  • Indonesia: Sukabumi
6-12 months
School Term:
Fall, Spring
English, Indonesian
1000 $
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