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English Teachers

Job Description

LaowaiCareer has partnered with leading Educational Institutions right across China. We are seeking thousands of English teachers for more than 300 youth education campuses.
Fantastic benefits include:
Monthly salary: $2000 to $4000
Free accommodation and meals
Assisted AirTravel (return tickets)
Health Insurance and generous leave pay

If you are an inspirational and passionate English teacher, we have an excellent opportunity for you to manage classes of five to ten students.

You will plan and deliver lessons using the developed course material, where you will be in a position to provide progressive teaching, guidance, and evaluation to groups of students with effectiveness and confidence.

The main focus of the learning process is to enable Chinese students to learn not only in a classroom environment but also with the organized social activities, dinners, and other events. Your role as a Westernised trainer will enable your learners to grasp the nuances of real life scenarios so that they are better able to associate in both a business and social environment.

The campus offers a diverse team spirit with faculty and staff members from different international and Chinese backgrounds. The strong ex-pat community offers a firm solidarity to new employees showing that diversity in nationality can become a catalyst for team building.

The English Teachers Development Program offered at each of our campuses, enables our teaching staff to advance their careers in both English and Teacher Management.

We encourage all faculty to learn the Chinese language and culture through organized networking and social events, as well as classroom tuition.

Job Description

1) Plan and deliver English lessons to small groups of students five days per week – Monday to Friday.
2) Use the dedicated electronic media and course material provided effectively and efficiently.
3) Regularly evaluate student progress and provide guidance and encouragement for improvement.
4) Participate in social events and activities organized by the “School” to foster and advance the use of English by students.
5) Work with a diverse group of professionals and show a professional and exemplary representation of the school’s values and ethics.

Job Function


English Teachers' Employment Package:

- 14,000 – 28,000 RMB per month (based on qualifications)*
- Basic furnished accommodation provided on campus with all utilities and WIFI*
- Three meals a day in the school cafeteria*
- 8,000 RMB annual flight allowance
- Sponsored legal Z work visa with English teacher expert permit
- 10,000 RMB salary advance available*
- Health insurance
- 10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays
- Airport pick-up upon arrival
- Free hotel accommodation during the first week of arrival*
- ESL certification programs included*
- Free Mandarin Chinese lessons*

* Different partner institutions may provide various benefits for their English teachers and are up to final confirmation upon a successful interview.

Desired Skills and Experience

1) A Bachelor’s Degree or higher

2) One of the following:A TESOL (Teach English as a second language), TEFL (Teach
English as a foreign language) or CELTA Certification (TESOL / TEFL sponsorship

3) Teaching experience preferred

Job Location

Beijing, China


Shanghai, China


Tianjin, China


Guangzhou, China


Shenzhen, China


Zhuhai, China


Guiyang, China


Luoyang, China


Nanjing, China


Qingdao, China


Job Details

Mandarin Cafe
  • China: Beijing
  • China: Shanghai
  • China: Tianjin
  • China: Guangzhou
  • China: Shenzhen
  • China: Zhuhai
  • China: Guiyang
  • China: Luoyang
  • China: Nanjing
  • China: Qingdao
Employment type:
Not Applicable
Education Management, TEFL-ESL
Job ID:

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