Business Management Teacher

Job Description

Business management with humanities and /or IT, IB experience is preferred. Flexibility is important.

Core responsibility
According to need, to teach Pre‐DP and IB Diploma Programme classes in a way that will enable the students to gain a commitment to, skills in, and a thorough knowledge of the subject(s).

Working relationships
• Reporting to and working with the Directors on all matters concerning the teaching and development of the subject, and on matters of pastoral care and to the Executive Director on school policy issues / contracts and employment, and budgets.
• Cooperating with other members of the faculty, with regard to the development of academic planning, and good practices; liaising with other members of staff to manage the work of the students.
• Fulfilling other pastoral and co‐curricular responsibilities as assigned.
• Keeping external contacts with professional associations, universities and libraries as appropriate.

Accountability / Goals
• The students' enjoyment of, and competence in, the subject.
• Well‐managed classrooms where students are actively participating.
• Being an effective member of teaching and learning team by efficiently carrying out processes that uphold the academic standards of the school, such as maintaining up-to-date records of student learning programs and meeting deadlines within the school regarding documentation.

Job Function



Extremly competitive remuneration package.

Desired Skills and Experience

Business management with humanities and /or IT, IB experience is preferred. Flexibility is important.

Position demands
A subject specialist must hold an appropriate qualification and teaching certification. A minimum of two years teaching experience in a reputable institution is preferred. Experience with teaching the IB Diploma Programme will be an asset. Dedication to the job, subject‐specific expertise, student‐centered teaching approaches, the ability to apply differentiation in the classroom, effective classroom management as well as good relations with students, staff and parents are the qualities sought.

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Job Location

Guangzhou, China


Job Details

Alcanta International College
  • China: Guangzhou
Employment type:
Entry level
Education Management
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