Community Organizing Internship in Itacare, Brazil

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Program Description

ETIV do Brasil is looking for dedicated Interns that are interested in community organizing in the beautiful surf town of Itacare, Bahia, Brazil. Our Community Organizers help us build positive relationships within the community, mainly by meeting with local individuals, leaders, organizations to better understand the stories, hopes and concerns for those living in and around Itacaré. It is important for our community organizers to document and highlight the stories of the community members, while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding about shared hopes and concerns within the community. Once this foundation is built, the community organizer will begin to host regularly scheduled meetings; bringing individuals and community leaders together who share similar concerns and are willing to work together to create the positive changes they wish to see in their communities.
Our most recent community organizer was focused on supporting the fishermen of Passagem, in the same neighborhood of Itacare where the ETIV house and office are located. He was working to help them organize a union and develop their top goals - including improved working conditions, economic situations, and environmental conservation. It will be ideal to find new community organizers to continue this important work as well.


• Enjoy the natural paradise of Itacare, with it's gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, and rich biodiversity
• Learn about NGO operations and international development in Brazil
• Combine volunteering and research with community organizing and an internship
• Establish positive relationships with the local community and participate in day to day life in Itacare
• Support and empower locals to become community leaders
• Support the direction of the fishermen's union in their goals and vision


The role of the Community Organizers is to direct and engage community members with top concerns that they may wish to address first. Then there is the possibility to conduct research. Therefore there are the following expectations:
- Further develop positive relationships with the locals of Itacare, with a special focus on the fishermen of Passagem (current support)
- Support the progression and success of the Union that the fishermen are developing
- Remain flexible, independent,patient and persistent as you may encounter different obstacles.
- Be sociable and curious about others, with a willingness to connect with individuals that may be very different from you
- Speak portuguese

Internship Types

What`s Included

Most interns can receive university credit while interning with our NGO and some are even able to receive a University stipend or grant to help cover their expenses. We can offer ongoing support and supervision and can help organize taxi pickups, local accommodations and even Portuguese and Capoeira classes. All volunteers and interns will also receive our Pre-Departure Powerpoint, and Introduction to the NGO, a tour of Itacare and life insurance during their internship or volunteer experience. Meanwhile, interns that can commit to at least 6 months time commitment to the project can apply for a grant to have their volunteer contribution waved.

Program Locations

Itacare, Brazil

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Program Details

ETIV do Brazil
  • Brazil: Itacare
English, Portuguese
Fall, Spring, Throughout the year, Winter
1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months
American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African, Worldwide
Contribution per month: 1 month - $275; 2 months - $233 per month; 3 months - $198 per month; 4 months - $168 per month; 5 months - $143 per month; 6 months - $121 per month * Low income students can apply for a grant to waive their volunteer contribution if they are able to intern with us for at least 6 months. *

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