Some Top Sailing Adventures in the U.S. and Abroad

Unlike a luxury cruise where all that's expected of you is to sleep, eat, and sunbathe, sailing adventures require "all hands on deck" when there's a problem with the sailsand/or the weather gets bad (it's part of the experience).

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Things You Need To Know About The E-2 Visa

With E-2 visas, a select group of foreign investors and business owners are permitted to visit the United States and work to establish and run their companies. A few key workers, managers, and executives may also reside and work in the US at qualifying companies on E-2 visas.

Larger businesses may send executive workers rather than the owners to the United States. As long as your company continues to operate in the United States, an E-2 visa can be obtained and renewed indefinitely. 

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7 Science-based Benefits of Family Vacation

If there is anything everyone could agree about vacation, it is that it takes you away from your daily stress, and probably for once, after a long period of repeated hard work, you get the chance to relax.

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Should You Ship Your Car on Your Study Abroad?

If you're studying abroad soon, the question of whether to ship your car to your destination has probably come up. After all, transporting your vehicle overseas is a significant expense. But is it worth it? There are certainly pros and cons to consider when shipping your car on your study adventure abroad. The benefits listed down below should help...

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5 Benefits Of A Buckwheat Travel Pillow On Your Next Trip

When you travel long distances, your body is forced to stay in a fixed position for extended periods. If you aren't comfortable during the car, plane, or train ride, what should've been an enjoyable holiday can easily turn into a literal pain in the neck. The last thing you'll want is to prepare and spend for the vacation only to arrive at your destination all cramped and sore. This is the reason a travel pillow is a must-have for frequent and casual travelers alike. 

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9 Destinations That Are Ideal For Wheelchair-Bound Travelers

Finding out whether or not a place is suitable to travel to is a very different process for a person in a wheelchair, as it takes a lot more than a few minutes of research. To find out whether a place is truly suitable for a wheelchair traveler, you'd have to find out if the public places, the transportation, and the hotels provide you with the fac...

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Preparing Yourself to Have the Best Time During Your trip Abroad

Are you about to go abroad on an extended Trip? Perhaps you are studying, teaching, volunteering or simply taking an extended vacation somewhere that you don't know very well, but are excited to go. Millions of people do this every year and the ones that have the best time of it are the ones who prepare the best for the trip.

To make sure that you have the best time possible on your trip abroad, here are a few things that you should do to repair yourself.

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A Guide To Exploring Africa

If there's one thing that you should know about Africa as a travel destination, it's the fact that it is the most incredible place and offers the most amazing experiences. Picture this: big cats roaming freely across the landscape, beautiful beaches, luscious mountains, and awe-inspiring desserts; Africa has a lot to offer its visitors.

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Your Must-Know Checklist Before Moving to China

As a major world superpower, China has been an attractive place for people to move to and settle for quite some time now.

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Going Overseas While Still Paying on a Student Loan

Opportunities to travel out of the US and spend some time on foreign soil can bring thrilling experiences. However, it also has its tough sides, especially if your finances are from a student loan. You will then have to repay your loan eventually, and you should have carefully considered this and made your strategy before you even travel.

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