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  3. 13 February 2015
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Hello all,

This question have been asked many times from our students and now I would like to find out an answer from you. Are you interested for paid internship or for good one but unpaid?

Best regards,

SAE Team
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@SAE Team

That's a very good question you brought up. Our students constantly ask us the same thing. We believe that the main purpose why many people decide to do an internship is to get a valuable hands-on work experience. Of course it is good to have a paid internship as this can cover some little expenses however, if you believe that the other internship, even if it is unpaid one or pay less, can prove a better work experience we would always suggest to go for that one. Because by the end of the day it is a professional experience that matters rather then a short term financial benefits.


Gi2C Team ;)
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hello sir. hope you will have a good week so far, sir i am very interested to join such firms for professional experience, kindly if you have any source then let me know and help me in this regard,,,
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