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  3. 01 June 2016
Hi, my names Wayne Guttridge and over 10 years ago I decided to fulfil a childhood ambition by traveling to the Himalayan county of Nepal to visit Mount Everest. On my first visit I spent 3 months in a village in Chitwan and travelling around gaining an insight and love for the country which will lead me on the path I have been following for the last 10 years. But to keep a long story short I decided to stay in Nepal for a few years then after understanding the country & its people better (as well as meeting my wife) came back to the UK to promote our Nepali NGO there. And since that day we have grown from just a small NGO into a respected NGO & UK charity called Education & Health Nepal.
But because of my love for Nepal and its people I want to build something different in the fact that I want to see Nepal raise its own money to help its people and not rely on charity. The simple reason for this is that Nepali people are proud and they have the Himalayas to offer the world. A place which attracts thousands of people each year and millions of pounds in revenue which a % should be used to help members of the poorest communities across Nepal.
Now EHN is a volunteer organization that places international volunteers across Nepal so it generates its own funds for it to run. And our hard work, transparency and ethics have been noticed because we are seeing an increase of donations coming through our supporters. But in order to run we have to use a % of these funds in order to run our team in Nepal. But by building a charity trekking organization we feel we can put far more of this money into the projects.
That charity trekking organization is called Mina`s Dream which we have launched this year and will be looking for people interested in trekking & putting something back into the country they are visiting.

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