Robotics and Intelligent Systems

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One/Two-Year Master's Programme, 120 credits
The international Master’s programme in robotics and intelligent systems is an exciting two-year programme for students with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. The programme is offered by the nationally and internationally renowned Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) at Örebro University.
Within the programme, students learn, among other things, about the methods used by autonomous vehicles to know where they are, how the navigation software in your phone finds the best route, and about the sensors that robots and intelligent systems use to perceive the world, as well as machine learning methods used by computers to make difficult choices or learn to recognise the patterns around them.

The programme offers two levels of graduation: a 60-credit Degree of Master of Science in Computer Science (one year), providing in-depth knowledge of advanced research topics and software engineering competences which can be readily applied to the job market; or a 120-credit Degree of Master of Science in Computer Science (two years), for those who wish to gain a higher degree of autonomy in problem solving and innovative thinking, possibly pursuing a career in research and development or academia.

The first year of the programme consists of courses providing research methodologies for intelligent system design, as well as a selection of advanced techniques for inte


The International Master's in Robotics and Intelligent Systems proposes an attractive curriculum which alternates both theory and practice in fields related to robotics and artificial intelligence. As a student, you will be immersed in one of Sweden's largest academic research centres in robotics and intelligent systems. During the course of the programme, you will get insights from, and the opportunity to contribute to, ongoing international research projects. The vision of the programme is to create a new generation of highly competitive research leaders, ready to engage in successful careers in modernised industry, service organisations or academia.

What`s Included

Computer Science, second cycle, Research Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, 30 credits (A1N)
Computer Science, second cycle, Advanced Technologies for Robotics, 15 credits (A1F)
Computer Science, second cycle, Advanced Technologies for Intelligent Systems, 15 credits (A1F)
Computer Science, second cycle, One-Year Master's Degree Project, 15 credits (A1E)
Computer Science, second cycle, Advanced Project Work in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, 30 credits (A1F)
Computer Science, second cycle, Master's Thesis in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, 30 credits (A2E)

Degree Course

Computer Programming

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Örebro, Sweden

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Örebro University
  • Sweden: Örebro
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Masters Degree
EU citizens If you have citizenship in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are NOT required to pay application or tuition fees. Non - EU citizens Tuition fee, first instalment: 53010 SEK Total fee: 212040 SEK
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