Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

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This is a US-accredited two-year Master of Arts in International Relations offered by the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS), a highly specialized school located in the heart of Paris, in tandem with Arcadia University. The language of instruction is English and courses follow the American model of education while incorporating the rich resources of France.

This program will prepare participants for careers in a wide range of sectors including non-profit, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, government, international affairs, and the private sector, such as teaching, research, journalism, political and social advocacy, international cooperation and development, and policy making.


Our course takes a dual approach combining academic theory and research with a professional and practical lessons taught by diplomats and including an internship that counts towards the completion of the degree.

Core disciplines of the field of International Relations are covered through our central disciplines including diplomacy, international organizations, international law, economics, and political science. We offer a comprehensive variety of electives to introduce students to other facets of international affairs.

Students will have the chance to enroll in a French language program in addition to the coursework on International Relations and Diplomacy in order to earn a Diploma of French Language Studies (DELF), a European recognized degree.

Students in this M.A. program need to enroll in the following courses in order to graduate:

• Seven required courses
• Five elective courses (of which two must be area courses)
• Two thesis seminars

List of courses:

Required Courses
AGS-R01 : Factors and Theories of Analysis in International Relations and Diplomacy
AGS-R02 : Research Methodology and Design
AGS-R03 : Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy
AGS-R04 : International Public Law
AGS-R05 : Current Economic Problems and Policies
AGS-R06 : International Organizations
AGS-R07 : Current Issues in International Relations

Elective Courses
AGS-E01 : Geopolitics and Geopolitics of Religion
AGS-E02 : Strategy and Conflict Resolution
AGS-E03 : Cultural Development and Awareness
AGS-E04 : Global Communications, Media and International Affairs
AGS-E05 : International Trade, Banking and Finance
AGS-E06 : Theory and Origins of Global Conflict
AGS-E07 : Principles of Economics
AGS-E08 : Beginnings of the Contemporary Political Order
AGS-E09 : Anthropology and Politics
AGS-E10 : Post-Modernity and International Relations and Diplomacy
AGS-E11 : Comparative Politics
AGS-E13 : Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy
AGS-E14 : International Environmental Politics
AGS-E16 : Extreme Crisis Situations, Government and Media
AGS-E17 : Gender, Militarization and War
AGS-E18 : NGOs: An International Perspective
AGS-E19 : NGOs: Principles and Management
AGS-E99 : Internship

Elective Area Courses
AGS-EA10 : Central and South America
AGS-EA21 : European Foreign Policies
AGS-EA22 : The European Union and the World
AGS-EA23 : Russian Politics
AGS-EA30 : A History of the Modern Middle East
AGS-EA31 : Conflict in the Modern Middle East
AGS-EA40 : Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa
AGS-EA41 : The Scramble for African Resources
AGS-EA50 : South and Central Asia
AGS-EA60 : East and Southeast Asia

Thesis Seminars
AGS-T01 : Thesis Tutorial
AGS-T02 : Thesis Seminar

Double-Degree Options:

AGS also partners with other institutions to offer a variety of dual programs that will allow participants to work towards two degrees. While a few of these double-degree options are situated in France, others take place partially in the US.

Dual Program in International Relations and Diplomacy / Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation

Students can have the chance to earn two M.A. degrees in two years by enrolling in courses at the Université Paris-Sud 11 alongside AGS in Paris’ International Relations and Diplomacy.

• A Europe-accredited Master's degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation from UPS
• 11A U.S.-accredited M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from AGS

This dual program requires students to have an intermediate French language level since both programs take place in Paris. This language level must be achieved by the start of the second year so that students can understand the Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation courses.

Dual Program in International Relations and Diplomacy / International Law

Students interested in this program can earn two degrees in the course of three years by finishing the International Relations Master’s program and then completing an additional four International Law preparatory courses, still at AGS. This will allow students to enroll in the one-year Master of Laws (LL.M.) program for French and European Law. The law courses will take place in our partnership school, the Université de Cergy-Pontoise Law School.

• A Europe-accredited LL.M. in French and European Union Law from Université de Cergy-Pontoise
• A U.S.-accredited M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from AGS

Both of the program components will be taught in English while in Paris and the metropolitan area around Paris.

Dual Program in International Relations and Diplomacy / International Peace and Conflict Resolution

AGS has partnered with Arcadia University to offer a dual Master’s program that will allow participants to study three semesters with AGS in Paris and the following three semesters with Arcadia University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. Participants will earn two American Master’s degrees.

• A US-accredited Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University
• A US-accredited Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy from AGS

Individually, each program would regularly need two years. However, both degrees will be earned in three years due to this partnership. English is the language of instruction for both aspects of this program.


There are a whole host of international organizations in Paris, making this the optimal setting for studying international relations. Near to many European capitals, home to NGOs and embassies, AGS ensures that participants will be exposed to all of the opportunities and resources of living in Paris through internship positions, site visits, and guest speakers.

The students and faculty at AGS are diverse and from across the globe, so that the classroom experience is a multicultural learning opportunity.

Students will learn from a curriculum that draws from a professional approach alongside the academic. There is also the opportunity to receive a European recognized degree, a Diploma of French Language Studies (DELF).

AGS offers financial aid and qualifies for US Federal Aid.

Internship for Credit:

Participants will have the option to participate in one or two internships in the course of their studies. Students will be able to network professional, explore career opportunities, and gain first-hand experience.

Internships can provide three credits if overseen by the internship director the school and each lasts for one semester.

AGS works with a variety of multinational corporations, NGOs, governmental agencies, diplomatic missions, embassies, and other organizations that allow participants a range of internship opportunities to choose from.

Previously, AGS program participants have interned with different embassies, Publicis, L’Oréal, Time Magazine, the OECD, and the United Nations, among others.

Optional Semester in the U.S:

Participants have the chance to study for one semester out of four in Arcadia University through AGS’ partnership. This option is open to full-time M.A. students for International Relations and Diplomacy.

What`s Included

Courses in subjects of international relations, conflict resolution, environmental policy, Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy, Current Economic Problems and Policies, Extreme Crisis Situations, Government and Media, Gender, Militarization and War, Area Studies etc.
Optional French language courses
Optional internship opportunities (possibility for credit)
Several dual program options to obtain a second degree (strategic negotiation, conflict resolution, LLM in French and European Law) in partnership with institutions in France or the US

Degree Course

International Relations

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Paris, France

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American Graduate School in Paris
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Masters Degree
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