Basic Information
Institution Name:
MareTerra - Environmental Research and Conservation
Institution Type:
Company (0-10 employees)
Current Timezone:
Institution description:
MareTerra - Environmental Research and Conservation is a non-profit organization totally committed in research projects focused on the understanding of natural phenomenons and their interaction with human activities. We are studying dolphins, fish, marine and coastal habitats with the aim to protect them from in going threats: pollution, noise, tourism, climate change. We believe that increasing the knowledge and awareness of the general public, students and tourists is a fundamental step to contribute to the protection of the environment.
We are inside the SCI (Site of Community Importance) of “Bosa, Capo Marargiu and Porto Tangone”, the SCI “Capo Caccia and Punta del Giglio”, and the Marine Protected Area “Capo Caccia and Isola Piana”.
Institution Address:
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