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VolNepal VolNepal is one of the responsible and reputed social organizations involved in various activities to facilitated the social development process of the Nepalese communities. Right now, we all stand in the most challenging timeframe in the social development process of the country. So, here we come with volition to be a part of the restructuring process aftermath of the Nepal earthquake 2015.

VolNepal aims to reconstruct basis social infrastructure as such primary schools, birth centers, medical centres and the Eco Houses for the displaces families. There are the immediate requirements for bringing the normality back into daily life and a way forwa rd towards sustainability in the disaster affected communities. The primary infrastructure which we intend to restructure directly will bring immediate relief to the local people. When a primary school building is reconstructed it brings children back to their studies and in return, multiplies the happiness in the community. In this painful situation it is necessary to see the children playing, studying and having a sense of normality back into their lives. The birth and medical centres are necessary for the health security of the women and children who are most vulnerable to various health problems. The eco home concept supports the under privileged families who don’t have presently any accessibility to housing. Humans must have protection from the elements, somewhere to grow as a family, a place to work from and a home to call their own. In the countryside many people do not have the resources to buy houses built by professionals but rely on their own labour, using local materials to build their homes gradually. People make improvements and extend their houses as family requirements change and resources permit.
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