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The Polytechnic University of Sinaloa is a public higher education institution belonging to the subsystem Polytechnics Universities located in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

The Polytechnic University of Sinaloa (UPSIN) arises from a correspondence of the two levels of government, Federal and State, sharing the same concern to diversify educational supply in regions that lack viable options to operate. Also comes as part of the proposal in the National Education Programme 2000-2006, which aims to promote equitable development of a system of higher quality education that responds opportunity for social and economic demands of the country and get better levels of certainty, confidence and satisfaction results.

The need to strengthen higher education in the south of our federal entity prompted the State Executive to create an institution of higher quality education that was able to be exemplary citizens, fluent in the technology and ability to integrate fully to their environment. After several studies by economic and educational supply and demand, it was decided to install the UPSIN in the port city of Mazatlan, turn it had the right conditions, both educational and industrial infrastructure and provision of services.

These studies showed the need for engineering careers in Biotechnology, Mechatronics and Computer. Thus, August 30, 2004 the UPSIN is created as a public agency of the State of Sinaloa, as shown in the decree for its establishment, published in the official journal of the above date. The historical precedent is the creation UPSIN subsystem Polytechnic Universities (UUPP) of the Department of Higher Education (SES) in 2001.

With the support of the Coordination of Technical Universities (CUP), the UPSIN is created and the same educational model that governed the UUPP implanted in our country; this educational model poses professional competency-based training and focused on meaningful learning of alumno.A from the date of publication of the decree creating, in the official newspaper of the state, jobs that were required to be in a position to be initiated convene aspiring to join the UPSIN; get and enable the temporary space for the development of the activities of the university, among others.

In February 2005 the first call for applicants was launched to join the UPSIN and this process concluded with the official record of 138 students divided into three races, beginning academic activities on May 2 of that year. At the same time the second call was launched to enter UPSIN in September of that year. Thereafter, the UPSIN launches an annual call for the purpose of initiating academic activities, for each generation, in the month of September.
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