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CIMBA Italy Programs
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The CIMBA program offers semester, summer, and graduate study abroad opportunities with dynamic, high quality, professional courses taught in English. Courses focus in the areas of Business, Engineering, Journalism, and Communication Studies; however, other electives courses are also offered. These programs are designed to provide students with a meaningful international experience while allowing them to remain on schedule for graduation.

The campus is located in the picturesque town of Paderno del Grappa, Italy, in the Province of Treviso. Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, just 25 miles north of Venice, winding, cobblestone streets, lush gardens, rolling hills and expansive villas characterize the town.

A CIMBA education goes beyond traditional classroom content. Seminars in European culture, international relations and leadership are integral components of CIMBA programs. Likewise, a variety of guest speakers provide students with the opportunity to meet and talk with today's leaders. Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in cooking classes, art tours, musical events, presentations on international business and language courses. Tours of local companies also are a valuable feature of every program.

A key component of the programs philosophy is the dedication to an environment that minimizes separation between instructor and student. Professors share in the experience of everyday student life where continual learning is encouraged and enhanced.

CIMBA offers significant independent travel time for students to explore the rest of Europe as part of our Cultural Exploration Program. During the semester program, students receive over 25 days to travel independently.

CIMBA also offers optional leadership and certificate programs to enhance student's skills and resumes while abroad, focusing on teamwork, management skills, and coaching.
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