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Florence International Film School
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Recruiting firm
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Welcome to Florence International Film School !!!!


Our Mission is to educate, inspire and support the Architects of an Infinite New Reality! At The Florence International Film School we combine humanity, spirituality and technology, in that order, to help you create Great Works of Art that inspire positive transformations in yourself, humanity and the planet. We teach you how to become storytellers who transform the world with your Visions, by helping you find and develop your original voice, unique gifts and talents, then sharing them with the World.

We have created a sister production company: Infinite Human Productions to produce and distribute work that raises the consciousness of the planet.

Outside our door, one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world awaits your discovery! Art Treasures, Architectural Wonders, High Fashion, Excellent Cuisine and the warmth of the famed Italian "Dolce Vita"!

Come experience your own personal rebirth in the city that gave birth to the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment! Students will receive inspiration both personally, professionally and artistically from the vast wealth of Art and Creative Energy that fuels Florence’s thriving creative community of writers, musicians, actors, artists and film makers. Students will be challenged to create fresh and original work that captures the soul of their audience and communicates their highest visions for humanity! Students will be mentored by our international staff of Professional Film Makers and intern on Professional Productions.

Like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Giotto, and the other great masters of the past Renaissance whose creative vision and realized artistic accomplishments pulled the world out of the dark ages into the age of enlightenment, we are now in need of creative pioneers to bring our emerging global community up into a new age of Enlightenment! Let the works of their creative genius inspire you to develop your professional skills and unique voice in film production, new media and performance art to better communicate your personal vision to humanity!

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